Analytical Intelligence (Introverted Thinking)

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Introverted thinking is a reviewing function, as such, it is our conception and definitions about what we like and dislike and what we find good and bad. It is also how we measure and define what we like and dislike rationally.


The Scientist Function

Cognitive function

Introverted Thinking




Analytical Intelligence

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Procedural Memory



Type of function

Reviewing function

Introverted Thinking – The Scientist Function

Introverted thinkers believe there is a rational law behind how things work. Everything can be understood as a question of logic and you can think deeper into something here. You can figure things out that other people miss, and get the ability to help people troubleshoot things. 

When other people get stuck on problems, you can see how to get them out of it. Critical thinking is a resource, something you can use to stay ahead of a situation. The knowledge you acquire makes you valuable and you can sell and use this knowledge to put yourself ahead in society. And you can use it to help other people, too. It is something to take pride in and to nurture in yourself. 

If you possess a critical disposition, and you’re inclined to question and to wonder how things work. Well, that’s a gift. At times, that can cause you to feel disconnected from other’s, but being able to think critically about them, does not mean disliking them. It has nothing to do with liking or disliking another person. It can in fact be an expression of love and care and wanting to help another person.