Introverted Thinking – The Analytical Intelligence

Introverted Thinking employs scientific and rational principles to understand the world and what is right and wrong. The goal is to find what is correct and incorrect and to see how the world could work at its best. By thinking about it yourself, you want to verify and make sure things really are working the best way they could.

So the introverted thinking type employs analytical intelligence to define rules and principles for things around them. Things are studied experimentally for how different things interact with and work together. 

Nickname: The Scientist
Found in flow types: INTP, ISTJ, ISTP, INTJ
Cognitive function: Introverted Thinking
Primary domain: The Rational
Analytical Intelligence
Body language: Fixed and tense lower lips
Key terms: Critical, 

The Scientist Type

The goal of the Scientist is to understand and explain various phenomena and activities in life rationally. Emotions, relationships, and work is here understood by a question of what is logical or what is irrational. The scientist tends to be seen as inquisitive. They think critically and they want to make sense of and ensure they have understood you correctly. 

Logical principles help scientists immensely. When they can think about something in a smart way and come up with good thumb rules and principles, they improve in decision making and become better at dealing with real-life problems and struggles.

It can be at times that their logical thinking does not translate to the world and how things actually work. The introverted thinking type may see how the world should be, if it worked rationally, but be surprised to realise this is not the case. The world can at times work in ways that appear to be counter-logical. Extroverted Feeling represents a real anxiety to the Introverted Thinking type. People, interpersonal dynamics, and matters of how to dress, act, and behave around others, can weigh on and cause internal struggles in you.