Intuitive Judging – Speculation Intelligence

The iNtuitive Judging function produces in some personality types the character of a Visionary. This is a type that enjoys speculating about future outcomes. The iNtuitive Judging type not only concerns themselves with what is realistically possible in the future, but what they want to happen.

Their thought is, using their imagination and creativity, how can I best influence and work towards long-term abstract goals? Typically, this leads to a form of Speculation Intelligence. Such a type can read and estimate risks. They appear to be bold in matters of what will happen, and they are creative in making this future possible. 

Nickname: The Visionary
Found in flow types: INFJ, INTJ, ENFJ, ENTJ
Cognitive function: iNtuitive Judging
Primary domain: The Future
Speculation Intelligence
Body language: Sharp but relaxed gaze
Key terms: Visionary Drive, Speculation, Future-orientation, Creative Independence, Risk-Assessment, 

The Visionary Type

The Visionary is a person who can hone and iNtuitive Judging to summon a vision in their head about a near- or long term future. They can here read an outcome of something and see it clearly in their head as if it was really happening. They enjoy speculating, even if they may be wrong, and the process of finding answers and insight from careful guesses.

This is a function that gives mental discipline. The visionary type can appear obsessive as their thoughts all tend to go in the same direction, towards this one idea they can’t shake. It makes sense then that the visionary primarily battles with the thought of the present. It can feel like there is never room or time for you to fully devote yourself or focus on your ideas. There are always things happening around you that can distract you from the ideas and the possibilities you see before you. Typically, you have to learn to manage the pressures of day to day life without letting them hold you back from working towards your long-term goals. 

The Visionary faces another battle, and that is remaining open to change and not missing options that could benefit them and help them realise their dreams. It can be that while focusing so much on one singular idea or project, you become habitually close minded. The iNtuitive Judging type may want to control everything that relates to their project and can be dismissively independent even when offered help from the outside.