Intuitive Judging – The Creator

Intuitive Judging, Conceptual Intelligence, Holistic Thinking, Visionary Thinking

iNtuitive Judging flow types tend to feel the most fascinated by the thought of understanding and using the fundamental laws of the universe to shape and remake the world in their image. Using their imagination, they formulate a concept or core idea that they apply when taking action to organise and understand the world.

When most confident, they work proactively to execute an idea and to apply intuitive principles like a creator, inventor, or visionary. They want to lead the world into a new era or bring about a new idea or dream that will fundamentally transform the world. Their weaknesses are many. They fear being ordinary or being mediocre and can appear eccentric to others. They can also hold on to impossible beliefs and unrealistic visions and become obsessive about an idea, neglecting physical needs.

Nickname: The Visionary, The Creator, The Visionary
Found in flow types: INFJ, INTJ, ENFJ, ENTJ
Cognitive function: iNtuitive Judging
Primary domain: The Future
Speculation Intelligence
Key terms: Visionary Drive, Speculation, Future-orientation, Creative Independence,

Intuitive Judging Strengths

The strenghts of intuitive judging flow types can be manifested in several ways. Their ability to correctly predict what is going to happen, and their ability to act proactively to make an idea happen. They can not only see where a situation is going, but intercept and act in tune with conceptual laws to oversee change and make sure it happens in a responsible way.

The need to take responsibility for and the enthusiasm for the future is a dead give away for an INTJ or ENFJ personality type. These types, alongside INFJs and ENTJs, seem very confident about their ability to know what is going to happen long term. That means they can hold on to and with energy and concentration work away at a concept or an idea for a long time.

At their best, they are beyond this able to keep an open mind to change and to work with transformative processes, avoiding intellectual stagnation. While immature XNXJs can get overly set in their ideas and thoughts and can appear closed to alternative viewpoints, ideally, these types can learn to stand and thrive in chaos and can apply intuitive perceiving to shift between perspectives and account for all ideas possible. This can increase the likelihood of having made a correct prediction and having formulated a strong and steady concept.

Intuitive Judging Weaknesses

The weaknesses of these types include tendencies towards magical beliefs, obsessive thinking and behaviour, and refusing to acknowledge or accept reality. These types can feel maladaptive and struggle to adjust to and fit in with the world around them. They can believe they are somehow magical or set apart from other people.

There can be a tendency to reject simple and easy answers and explanations not because they are wrong, but because they are boring. The need for the world to adhere to complex laws and principles and the idea that you are alone in being able to correctly understand the inner workings of the universe can cloud your judgement. Because it is easy for you, you may become very set in your ways and very rigid.

You can fall into a rut and fail to think outside the box. It’s stressful for you to open your mind and there’s a genuine fear of chaos in you. If there are too many unpredictable elements to consider, it becomes harder to maintain a course, so you use Sensing Judging to keep your life easy and simple.

Worse still, your struggles with Sensing Perceiving are very real and can cause tidal waves in your life if you don’t take care, in which you switch back and forth between vision and dedication, and increasingly unrealistic ideas that you later abandon or give up on because you’re confronted with all the practical problems in executing said idea.

If you don’t face and admit to the logistical issues and the resistance your ideas will encounter you only make the problems bigger in the long run. If you can be open early about the problems, you can also adjust your ideas accordingly, not giving them up but at least setting more realistic time frames and managing expectations on yourself.

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