iNtuitive Perceiving – The Change Intelligence

Intuitive Perceiving, Creative Intelligence, Creative thinking, Creative Skill

iNtuitive Perceiving focuses on what could be or what could happen. The core focus is on potential and there is always a new potential development to the iNtuitive Perceiving type. There are different things we could say or do in any specific situation. Typically, while some may think this would create a fickle character, the iNtuitive Perceiving type is often highly conscientious and things about change carefully, making sure they make the right decision or respond correctly to something. 

Nickname: The Catalyst
Found in flow types: INFP, INTP, ENFP, ENTP
Cognitive function: iNtuitive Perceiving
Primary domain: The Possible
Change Intelligence
Body language: Open and fluid dancing eyes
Key terms: Open, Interpretative, Creative, Experimental, 

The Catalyst Type

What I keep seeing with the catalyst type is this idea that everything is always up in the air. Nothing is ever completely set in stone. There is always a possibility that things will change or become different. There is not necessarily any problem with this, in fact, the iNtuitive Perceiving flow type wants to keep things open, because when things change, there is always new energy.

The thing is, the iNtuitive Perceiving type wants to be in control of what changes will happen. They feel responsible for what change comes from a situation and so can worry over what decision to make or that a single decision will cause big long-term change beyond their control. Most of all, though, the iNtuitive Perceiving type wants to avoid feeling stuck. The fear is to dig yourself a hole you can’t get out of. What if you exhaust all your options and there are no options left? 

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