ISTJ Personality Type Description

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This website will be locked until tuesday. You can enjoy full access by becoming a Patron. Help me hit my relationship compatibility goal and we will start a free database with relationships insight for all personality types! Enjoy this quick excerpt! Nickname: The BuilderMindset: DiligenceCore Values: Discipline, Patience, Intelligence, AmbitionTemperament: StoicCognitive Functions: Introverted Sensing (Observer), Thinking Judging (Decider), Sensing Judging (Navigator), Introverted Thinking (Reviewer)Key Intelligences: Historical Intelligence, Organization Intelligence, Task Intelligence, The ISTJ Personality Type "Slow but steady wins the race." The ISTJ is a patient and ambitious type, hard-working. They are armed with clear goals and careful critical thinking. People tend to perceive you as a person with strong roots and a strong history. That gives you, as an ISTJ type a sense of stability. Being able to conceive of a history, you can feel that there is something to preserve and take care of....
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