Learn personality profiling

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I decided to set up this course to help people who struggle with being unable to properly type and assess a persons interests, passions, and their unique temperament. 

  1. Learn to assess your own and others personality types

This course will train you to recognise the unique facial expressions, gestures, and body language of the different personality types. The course will teach you to tell a persons type and their cognitive functions and how you can see their thoughts manifest into words and actions. 

2. Learn to distinguish between development and type

Nature and nurture are two sides of the same coin of personality. Nurture affects how well we are able to come in touch with our personality type. If you are dealing with a person who due to trauma, insecurities, or fear of being themselves, is hiding their true personality, you will want to be able to correctly tell the difference between type and development.

3. Learn to tell how confident you are

Start building up collages and mindmaps listing the personality types and enneagram types and the connections you have observed in your friends and family. Avoid common pitfalls people make when building their collages. 

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