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MBTI Careers I The Best Job For Your Personality Type

Written by Erik Thor @ErikThor_
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<a href='https://www.erikthor.com/mbti-careers/'>MBTI Careers I The Best Job For Your Personality Type</a>

What is the best job for your personality type? I know finding your ideal career can be difficult - how do I pick a job where I can excel and have fun? I hope with this article, that I can help guide you in the right direction. Today, we're talking about MBTI careers and MBTI jobs. What are the best 16 personalities jobs for your personality type? In the below chart, you'll see one career that I think fits good for each of the 16 personalities.

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The Best Job For Your Personality Type

The Best Jobs For Your Personality Type

So what are the best MBTI careers? Learn the best jobs for INFJs, the best jobs for ENFPs, and all the other 16 personalities jobs here.

What is the best job for INFJs?

As an INFJ, most importantly you need a job that will give you creative and intellectual stimulation. Your ideal job should challenge you to think big. You need focus at your workplace, and the ability to work on long-term projects. You want a job that challenges you to use your analytical and logical skills to solve problems for people.

What is the best job for INFPs?

As an INFP, you need a job that demands you to study and research a subject extensively. You take an academic approach to work and focus on studying and learning. Your job ideally pushes you to keep an open-mind and to keep absorbing new information. Most importantly, your dream job should be emotionally rewarding. Your work environment should be conflict-free, peaceful and individualistic.

What is the best job for ENFPs?

For an ENFP, seek a job that always stays fresh and gives you room for change and growth. Your dream job allows you to discuss and work together with colleagues on creative projects. As an ENFP, you don't mind working in a competitive environment which gives you access to material resources and the budget to accomplish your ideas. You are resourceful and good at using the system to your advantage. It is important for you that your job serves your personal needs and gives you the freedom to live a happy and fulfilling life, not just professionally, but also personally.

What is the best job for ENFJs?

As an ENFJ, your most important priority should be a job that allows you to work close to people, with human relationships or communication. Your ideal job gives plenty of space for you to be passionate and to put your all into a project. You need a job that allows you to be out on the fronts, meeting with and connecting with people. However, you also need your job to serve a greater vision or higher purpose.

What is the best job for INTJs?

As an INTJ, I would seek a job that allows you to work on long-term creative projects that require focus and self-discipline. You should seek a job that also pushes you to work on your character and values, a job that requires moral integrity and ethical consistency. Finally, your job should produce tangible results and objective value to the world.

What is the best job for INTPs?

INTPs need academically stimulating jobs that give plenty of room for research. You need a job that allows you to explore new ideas and to play with new possibilities from a technical and analytical point of view. Most importantly, your dream job pushes you to be competent, knowledgeable and an expert at what you do.

What is the best job for ENTPs?

As an ENTP, seek a job that keeps you on your feet, always exploring new horizons. Your dream job never becomes boring - it always puts you in new places and new environments. Your job should also challenge you to connect with and work with people, demonstrating the ENTPs people skills. Finally, your job needs to allow you to grow and develop your skills and talents. Avoid jobs that focus purely on looks and presentation.

What is the best job for ENTJs?

As an ENTJ, seek a job that is competitive, productive and fast-paced. Your ideal job allows you to innovate and push yourself to new limits. You want clear goals and tangible results. Your dream job allows you to be out on the fronts exploring new possibilities and pushing new goals. You like to use your hands along side your wit, and you're resourceful, too.

What is the best job for ESTJs?

You want a job that is fast-paced, and where hard work is valued. You want to feel recognised for your strength and success in what you do. Your dream job pushes you to innovate at a slow pace, trying new things and finding practical routes forward for your workplace. Most importantly, your job will give you meaningful experiences.

What is the best job for ISTPs?

As an ISTP, seek a job that values competence and skill. Your job challenges you to be truly talented at what you do, and able to perform perfectly. Your ideal MBTI careers will also make use of your ability to focus on one task at a time, while staying fresh and active enough so that you can have fun.

What is the best job for ESTPs?

The best MBTI jobs for ESTPs are jobs which allow you to stay alert and active as much as possible. Your job should keep you away from the desk and allow you to improvise. Your ideal job also allows you to bank on your people and communication skills - you can become everyone's friend. In the end, though, it will be your skills that will feel the most rewarding and your ideal job will allow you to grow your talents in your field.

What is the best job for ISTJs?

As an ISTJ, the best 16 personalities jobs are jobs that allow you a consistent and comfortable routine. At the same time, as an ISTJ, you need a job that challenges you professionally. ISTJs do well in jobs that require personal character and integrity, as well as ethos and a good reputation.

What is the best job for ISFJs?

As an ISFJ, seek a job that challenges you to connect and communicate with people at a comfortable pace. Also find a job that balances this with your analytical skills and your technical talents in problem-solving. Most importantly, seek a balanced job that gives you a comfortable and peaceful routine.

What is the best job for ESFPs?

As an ESFP, seek a job that keeps you active and engaged. Your dream job allows you to use your strength and resourcefulness to keep moving forward and executing projects. Your dream job will also give you personal freedom - you work to live, not the other way around. So your job should be built around allowing you a comfortable and fun lifestyle both professionally and personally.

What is the best job for ISFPs?

The best MBTI careers will be careers that challenge you to stay on your feet and to improvise. You also do well at a job that makes use of your ability to focus and work on one project at a time. Most importantly, your ideal job will allow you space and personal harmony and a chance to do something good to help other people.

What is the best job for ESFJs?

As an ESFJ, seek a job that allows you to connect and work with people. Seek a job that also allows you to be practical yet creative, allowing you to think of easy or quick ideas that can solve day to day problems. Your dream job makes use of your organisational skills.

Tips for finding the best jobs for your personality type

  • Your ideal job should put you on a state of flow - and should not expose you to unhealthy amounts of stress
  • Your dream job challenges you to grow at a comfortable pace, while allowing you to bank at your strengths
  • The best MBTI jobs are jobs that make you feel confident and good at what you do, while rewarding you for what you love.

Often, it's not that you need to change your job. You don't need to find new MBTI careers. Often, it's enough to just set clear expectations with your boss or manager and to work to find a more suitable role in the team.

What are your dream MBTI careers?

In the below video, watch my tips for finding your ideal job.

What is your personality type and what is your dream job?

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