January 12, 2021

The MBTI Flow Code

Erik Thor & The MBTI Flow Code. Self-realisation should be the goal of any healthy individual. Instead of trying to fill the mold and expectations of society and your family, aspire to instead become the best version of yourself. There are many versions of the MBTI, but not all are healthy. Some are just there to label and stereotype you. I developed mine to focus on health and well-being.

Discover your MBTI personality type and learn about your core values and who you really are underneath polite phrases and social conditioning. Learn to find flow and joy in your work, life, and in relationships.

Discover the MBTI Flow Code and learn how I use personality psychology to help people grow and find more fulfilment in life.

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Take my personality test

Start by taking my personality test to get introduced to the different personality types, how they think, act, and make decisions. Learn about the scales and cognitive functions and how they influence your thought process and values.

How The Flow Code Works

I study personality psychology not just as a means to categorise people into types but to understand what every individual finds to be important and meaningful in life. Everyone has different interests, hobbies, and passions in life.

Many live life looking to what other people want from them. It is easy to get lost and to just conform to the norms of your society or workplace. We have become conditioned to act and think in a certain way. Often, this conditioning can slowly make us sad. We can feel drained, exhausted, stressed trying to live up to all the different expectations the world can have on us. The MBTI Flow Code can help us reconnect with ourselves.

Finding your personality type means escaping from this conditioning and reducing stress in your life, so that you can live a more free and happy life. I use various methods to help people identify their type, but most importantly, I focus on what people enjoy, helping people rediscover their interests and values in life.

Becoming your own hero

The goal of the flow code is to help you become the hero and protagonist of your own story. Start on the hero's journey.

You may find that you lack the talents to excel at being yourself. You're not good enough to do what you love or to make it. So what can you do to get started on developing the skills that will help you become successful in your passions? The MBTI Flow Code can help you understand that.

Perhaps you lack the courage to be yourself. Many fear judgement and are ashamed of who they are. You might think that your interests are stupid, and so you stay quiet. You may think your values are dumb, and so you let other people cross them. You might think your goals are impossible - so you never try. What can you do to get more confidence in yourself?

What I can do is help you get started - but you will have to cross the bridge yourself.

How the flow code has helped me

The MBTI Flow Code has made me a more balanced and harmonious person. Where I would often push myself to the limits in the past, exhausting myself in order to please others, I am now better able to speak out for myself and to maintain my own boundaries.

The flow code has also helped me become more understanding of others. In the past, I would get annoyed that other people were different and thought about life differently than me. It could even make me insecure. Now, I am better at reconciling these differences and finding ways for both of us to thrive together.

The MBTI Flow Code has helped me pursue a lifestyle and career that will make me happy. Instead of chasing down success in the most stereotypical way, I allow myself to have my own quirks and differences. What I want may ot be what you want, but the most important thing is it will bring me fulfilment.

Getting started

How can you better understand the MBTI flow code? Check out the following resources.

Get coaching

Get my ebook

Send in your video & discover your personality type

Also check out Harry Murrells Cognitive Personality Theory for another healthy version of the MBTI!

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