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Meet the mindsets

We grow up without a clear concept of self, but gradually it becomes more and more clear that we have a personality and unique interests and values that are completely our own. We want things that are different from other people. We have unique stressors and things we are anxious about. Our self is the total combination of our inner heroes, angels, demons, and children.

  • Red, passionate Heroes:
    We most notice our unique values and interests when we are in flow. Then, we act in full capacity of self, with energy, passion, confidence and certainty. Red types seek to be their best version of themselves.
    Blue, conscientious Demons:
  • We can also recognise our personality by what drains us of energy and motivation, what gets us to lose our flow and to become insecure and anxious. Blue types are focused on overcoming demons.
    Green, goal-oriented Angels:
  • Beyond that, we can see our flow based on the higher values we strive towards yet feel we are never good enough to deserve. Those are the angels of our nature. Green types strive to reach and become angels.
    Yellow, sanguine Children:
  • Lastly, we can see it in our habits and what we do without thought or care. Silly things we say or do without thinking about it. Yellow types seek to embrace their inner child.

How Mindset Influences Your Type

You can imagine all of these types sitting on your shoulder. Some cognitive functions will tell you “no, don’t do that, that could be dangerous” and others will say “but it looks really fun!”. Some will say “wait and take the longer way around, to make sure it turns out alright.” and others will say “Lets just see what everyone else does and I’m sure it will be fine.”

It should not be surprising that two people of the sam personality and interests will come off very differently depending on their mindset. Someone who is ready to jump in and immediately explore their dreams and interests is going to appear more positive while a conscientious, blue type may appear more negative.

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