The Most Rare MBTI Type I Do You Feel Different?

THE MOST RARE PERSONALITY TYPE. Have you ever felt different? The MBTI Institute has done studies on which personality types are more and less rare. What's the rarest personality type? The statistics are based on Northern American averages (Sorry, everyone else!) and based on quick test results. Because of this, it is hard to say with accuracy what the rarest MBTI type is. According to the statistics, the INFJ percentage of the population is the lowest. Why is INFJ so rare? And which personality types are most associated with what countries?

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In the above chart, you can see the distribution of the 16 personalities according to the MBTI Institute and, also, compared to my statistics from my own celebrity database. My numbers are based on my typing of participants from reality tv shows. I'd love to do a study based on an average group in a country to get real averages, at this time, I can only offer estimations.

The Rarest MBTI Type

The most rare personality type

ISFJ Percentage

ISFJs are listed as the most common personality type in the US, making out 13,8% of the population. And while Americans are said to be family oriented types, we also associate North Americans with being business-minded, conservative people that believe hard work and effort should be promoted at the expense of social welfare or a security net. Are the statistics correct, or should another personality type, like the ISTJ or ESTJ take over the crown as the least rare personality type? Still, this type definitely deserves to be somewhere in the top.

ESFJ Percentage

Another frontrunner in the polls is the ESFJ personality type, at 12% of the US population. This type is said to be warm and welcoming, everyone's friend. You're charming and sociable. The US is known to have a strong community with churches and people working on the bottom running cake sales and helping each other out. It makes sense that this type comes out high.

ISTJ Percentage

ISTJs make out 11.6% of the population. The Builder personality type is known to be stable, consistent and a friend of routine. You have thick skin and you're driven and ambitious. Still, I'd think, if there were this many ISTJs in the world, wouldn't the world be a bit less chaotic and messy? I'd definitely peg this type down a bit on the list.

ISFP Percentage

ISFP make out 8.8% of the population. I'm surprised this type comes out so strong. This type is known to be peaceful, shy and guarded. You take every day as it comes. You have little interest in work or success just for the sake of it.

ESTJ Percentage

The ESTJ personality type is said to make out 8.7% of the US population. ESTJs are certainly daring and ambitious in the traditionally American way. I would have expected this type to come out on top. Not only are ESTJs considered the “societal ideal” by many standards – extroverted – steady – rational and self-disciplined, not to forget assertive… They should share the throne alongside ESTPs.

ESFP Percentage

ESFPs make out 8.5% of the North American population, according to surveys. I would definitely assume the number is even higher than listed.

ENFP Percentage

ENFPs are said to make out 8.1% of the US population. I think this number is highly exaggerated and that there are several mistyped ESFPs on this list.

ENFJ Percentage

ENFJs make out 5.4% of the US population. This number makes sense to me.

ISTP Percentage

ISTPs are said to make out 4.4% of the North American population. I believe this number makes sense.

ESTP Percentage

Only 4.3% of the US population said that they were ESTPs. This number is very low and I believe this number should definitely be higher.

INTP Percentage

INTPs are said to make out 3.3% of the US population. I believe this number makes sense, but could be lower. You may find more INTPs in other countries, like Asia.

ENTP Percentage

ENTPs are said to make out 3.2% of the Northern American population. This number makes sense to me, but could potentially be higher. You will find many ENTPs in the innovative Netherlands.

INFP Percentage

Your type makes out 2.5% of the US population, making it one of the least common. I believe this number is higher than assumed because many INFPs do not identify with the stereotypical INFP traits.

INTJ Percentage

You make out 2.1% of the US population. This number is realistic to me, but could be lower. You'll find more INTJs in more organised countries like Scandinavia and Germany.

ENTJ Percentage

ENTJs represent 1.8% of the North American population. I believe this number should be higher in the US. But according to US data, ENTJs are one of the most rare personality type.

INFJ Percentage

INFJs are said to represent 1.5% of the US population. But why is INFJ so rare? I don't think the INFJ is a very well represented type in the more extroverted United States. You will have more luck finding INFJs and NFs in other parts of the world, especially in more rural areas, the middle east and similar.

Why is INFJ so rare?

Why is INFJ so rare? INFJs have a well deserved spot as the most rare personality type in the extroverted United States. This country appears to favour Sensation over iNtuition, Thinking over Feeling and Perceiving over Judging. This means a lot of INFJs will feel like outsiders in the United States. Firstly, I have also found that INFJs are one of the least common personality types, based on personal experience.

Secondly, I believe you will meet more INFJs in rural areas and I don't rule out the idea that they are more common in Asia, the middle east, South America or on the African continent. Finally, I also believe type distribution can vary from city to city or community to community. You'll find many places where INFJs are common if you look around. If you're looking for other INFJs, just

What personality types are most common where you live? And what is the most rare personality type in your experience?

What's the rarest personality type in your country?

Check out my video where I match every personality type to one country.

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