NFs – The Idealists

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The Idealist pursues the main virtues of universalism, freedom, and benevolence.

You are an idealist, you’re a dreamer, a free spirit, and an imaginative person. You enjoy to just let your mind wander and to act on feelings and beliefs.

As an NF, you enjoy to devote time to developing your creativity and exploring your curiosity. Your ideas and the things you study often tend to lack immediate practical implication, but that’s not why you explore things. You explore things as your primary form of recreation, for fun, finding things that are beautiful, interesting, and things that resonate with you and your own identity.

The NF – the idealist, has the gift of true – open – creativity, creativity without boundaries. You can think of the solution to world peace, recipes for thai mexican fusion, or theories for why stars are born while doing something completely mundane at work. Idealists have creativity free from time and space – you think of inventions already invented, inventions that won’t be realized until three hundred years in the future, and you’re often interested in existentialism, philosophy, and ethics. The questions you consider are often open ended and full of meaning and depth.

You’re interested in the hidden motives behind what people say, the true intentions to people’s actions, and what drives people’s behavior. But if people limit your creativity and tell you to focus on a set problem, you’ll find yourself struggling alot more.