NTs – The Rationalists

The Rationalist pursues the main virtues of Freedom, Achievement, and Progress.

You are a rationalist, you’re creative, free-spirited and progressive. You enjoy focusing your creativity on real world problems, finding novel and unique solutions in science, work, or technology.

As an NT, you like to devote time to developing your creativity and exploring your curiosity. While you love to think creatively, it’s important for you to employ reason and objectivity to control the scope of your creativity. You want to use your creativity in an efficient manner, to fixing real problems, to coming up with unique solutions.

The NT – the rationalist – has the gift of focused creativity, rational creativity. You enjoy employing your imagination and your wit to think up solutions to any problem consciously – the only limit is your passion and your intelligence. You’re focused and mentally aware of the here and now, your breath, your actions, and your thoughts, and you can direct them as you see fit, all depending on your interests.

You’re interested in the hidden functions of technology, what makes people tick, how the world works, the social games and rules, and how you can come out on top of it all. But you need structure to truly employ your mental resources – when you don’t have any system or logic to direct your thoughts, it becomes all the more difficult to decide what the next step is.