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Who is Erik Thor?

Erik Thor, INFJ | My name is Erik Thor, INFJ and personality enthusiast. I have my own YouTube channel where I discuss the sixteen personality types. I also run this website, where I talk about Erik Thor Personality Types and my theories about the 16 Personalities. I also have articles about the Enneagram and more.

What are the Erik Thor Personality Types?

I use the existing theory developed by Carl Jung on the Cognitive Functions and inspiration from popular models on the 16 Personalities. I am different from other theories in that I talk about how you use the cognitive functions in a positive state of flow. I believe you can act like or learn to be like any personality type, but the goal is to learn to be yourself.

16 Personalities Celebrities Library

June Lapine

June Lapine

June Lapine is an ESFP Personality Type and has Extroverted Sensing as her dominant cognitive function.

Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza is an INTP Personality Type and has Introverted Thinking as her dominant cognitive function.



JusReign is an ENTP Personality Type and has Extroverted Intuition as her dominant cognitive function.



theRadBrad is an INFP Personality Type and has Introverted Feeling as her dominant cognitive function.

What is Erik Thor Personality Type?

I identify most with the INFJ Personality Type. I have always had a philosophical and existential approach to life, living mostly in my own head, where I explore different theories and concepts. I also have a strong need to relate to and connect to other people and to share my ideas with others, hoping that it will help people understand themselves and their friends and family members better.

The 64 Subtypes

Learn about my model of dividing people into subtypes, based on if they are Assertive or Turbulent.

What are the Erik Thor Subtypes?

My subtype approach brings out more color from all the personality types. That means you can understand yourself in more depth and nuance. Not all INFJ are the same, and your subtype reflects your personal development.

What is Introversion?

What does it mean to be an introvert or extrovert?

What is Erik Thor Personality Theory?

In my opinion, an Extrovert is someone that gets energy from taking action and going out into the world. An Introvert is someone that gets energy from taking a more slow-paced, careful approach. Intuition and Sensing defines if you get more energy from intellectual topics and concepts, or from more practical action and real experiences. You are a Feeling type if you value social matters and cooperation more. You are a Thinking type if you value independence and critical thinking more. Lastly, you are a Judging type if you get more energy from order and structure, and a Perceiving type if you get more energy from freedom and openness.

What are the cognitive functions?

The cognitive functions describe how your mind processes information and makes decisions.

What are the Erik Thor Cognitive Functions?

My theory on the cognitive functions are based on the work of Carl Jung and his base definitions. A cognitive function is an archetypal way of thinking, for example, to approach the world as a Detective trying to solve a riddle (Extroverted iNtuition) or a Performer trying to respond to a situation (Extroverted Sensing)

The Enneagram

Discover your mindset and your unique way of looking at life, relationships, and work.

What are the Erik Thor Enneagram Types?

I take a lot of inspiration from the Enneagram and the way I see it, your Enneagram Type reflects your developed mindset, where your regular personality type reflects your true values. You may have learnt to do things a certain way, for example, you may have developed to avoid conflict like an Enneagram 9, even though you value competition and would feel better if you were able to face situations more directly.

More about Erik Thor

My name is Erik Thor

I have been studying the 16 personalities and Carl Jung's Cognitive Functions for more than ten years. I got into psychology because I wanted to better understand myself and other people. My belief is that people try too hard to fit in, when they were born to stand out. I promote self-acceptance and self-love. I want the 16 personalities to better understand each other. My work challenges common stereotypes. I try to see people as full individuals rather than incomplete extremes.

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I am passionate about helping you understand yourself better. I want to create a world famous community for self-exploration and personal growth. Want to help? Consider donating or sharing my articles on social media. 

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