INTP A ‘Thinker’ vs INTP T ‘Doubter’

INTP A ‘Thinker’ vs INTP T ‘Doubter’

INTP A VS INTP T. There are two typers of INTPs. One is completely sure of themselves. One is constantly looking at the world from a different perspective. Are you an INTP A 'Thinker' or an INTP T 'Doubter' Personality Type? Learn more about the INTP A and INTP T in...

The Ultimate Personality Test

My name is Erik Thor, and I’ve discovered sixteen hero types. My personality test can show you what personality you become in a healthy state of flow and passion.

INFJ Coaching

INFJ Coaching

As an INFJ, you might struggle with realising your sense of vision or your dreams in the real world. It may be that you struggle with feeling different or misunderstood. My coaching program will help you understand your thought process and values and can help you verify and find confidence and security in who you are.

INFP Coaching

INFP Coaching

As an INFP, you may have experienced many issues in relating to and being your most authentic self in the real world. There may be many expectations on you on who you should be or what you should do. My coaching program will help you understand your thought process and values and can help you verify and find confidence and security in who you are. I will walk you through the many common INFP issues and develop an INFP Personal Growth Roadmap so that you can become the best version of yourself.

1×2 Coaching: Re-Master Your Type

Re-master your own personality type and make the changes necessary to live a happy and fulfilling life in tune with your needs and values. Develop your own personal growth project and get insight to get more meaning and fulfilment out of your life and your Myers...

What is The Hero Code?

An unique way to study personality psychology by who you are at your best

Everyone has an inner hero. Find out what mindset, values, and passions will lead you to success on the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero Code

Everyone has a “Hero” type, representing your best version of yourself.

Eight personality traits

Introverts and extroverts, but defined by who you are at your best.

Break out of the box

I developed the Hero Code to expand your potential, not to limit it.

Explore the different sides to your personality

Stop defining yourself by one dominant personality trait, instead, learn to see the whole.

Values-based psychology

Instead of asking you how you ask, I ask you what you value and want out of life.

Nine Enneagram types

Understand how mindset can cloud your behaviour and keep you from success.

Rewrite your story

Learn about what you could change in your lifestyle to be happier

Have fun

Life should be fun, not serious. Learn to embrace play in your daily life. What do you do to relax and recharge?

Coaching, Typing & Merch

I offer coaching services and services to type yourself and to analyse your dreams. These are all fun ways to discover yourself and who you are!

About me

Ten years of studies into the human mind

I hit the wall in my early twenties. After that, I decided to stop trying to be perfect for everyone else. Instead, I’m trying to be good for myself. Importantly, that means, learning to live life in a way that I can like and enjoy for myself.

When I discovered personality psychology, I started to unlearn practiced behaviour and instead, I decided to be who I really wanted to be. I see that many people out there are still trying to fit the mold, but you were all born to stand out.

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The cognitive functions represent eight distinct intelligences

By studying the cognitive functions you can start to unlock the hidden powers of your mind. Are you a Philosopher (Introverted iNtuition or an Adventurer? (Extroverted Sensing) 

Every cognitive function has a different goal and uses a different strategy to get there. 

Every personality type has a unique set of four values

The values are not the same as the cognitive functions. Values are things that we naturally enjoy and want and effortlessly spread around us. A personality type is a unique combination of four values.

MBTI Types, INFP, ESTJ, Cognitive Functions In Flow, Flow Functions Flow cognitive functions,

The NT Innovator

Firstly, we have the ENTP Inventor. Secondly, the INTP Scientist. Thirdly, the INTJ Visionary. Lastly, the ENTJ Entrepreneur. Which one are you?

The ST Specialist

Sensing and Thinking is strongest in the ESTJ Producer, the ISTJ Builder, the ISTP Fixer and the ESTP Doer. These types are practical and thick-skinned.

The NF Idealist

Are you an INFP, ENFJ, INFJ or ENFP? That makes you one of the NF Idealists. Representing creativity in its most true form, you are at your best when you let yourself dream big.

The SF Communitarian

SFs are most oriented by family, community, and their need for social interaction. ISFJs, ESFJs, ESFPs and ISFPs are all communitarians.

Explore more than 500 free videos on the personality types

I have been developing YouTube videos for three years now, and I’m loving every minute of it.

I developed this Enneagram test to help people find out what mindset they have and how their mindset may guide or limit their actions and behaviour. Get to know your head – free your mind – take the Enneagram test!

The Hero Code, Erik Thor, What is flow

Erik Thor is an MBTI expert! 

He’s very wise, and gives wonderful advice. He’s nonjudgmental, and always available to his peers. He is devoted to his cause, and has a wealth of information. I implicitly trust his judgment.

Naomi, Supporter


How did I develop the Hero Code? I discovered the Hero Code by looking at modern research on neuroscience and personality psychology.

Firstly, by looking at the data, I saw that personality psychology was highly driven by neurotransmitters like dopamine or serotonin, rewarding and guiding our behaviour. This taught me that personality psychology should be about what our interests and passions are.

What is a personality type?

Firstly, your personality type represents a unique way of seeing and valuing the world. You have different values and needs than your friends and coworkers.

What is the hero code?

Unlike the MBTI or the 16 Personalities, I group people into personality types based on who you are at your best. Your behaviour does not have to define you.

What does "values-first" mean?

Values-first means your needs and likes and dislikes in life are superior to your current behaviour.

So, what you feel that you should do at work or in a social situation is different from what you believe that you “should do”

What are the cognitive functions?

The cognitive functions are unique ways of thinking and perceiving the world. Every type has different conscious thoughts and beliefs.

What is a personality trait?

Introversion is your need to wait and take things slow. Extroversion is a person’s need to take initiative and make things happen. Every personality trait describes a different preference towards different hobbies or activities.

How can I know my personality type?

Start with taking a personality test, then start reading about the personality type you get.

Start writing down things you do at work and compare them to what you want to do and see what types best match that.

How does the personality test work?

The personality test asks you questions about what you like and dislike, helping you understand what activities give you flow, and which add to your stress. 

Why should I get coaching?

Coaching can help you get perspective on your lifestyle, relationships, or career goals. You can get help reframing and adjusting your goals to be closer to your values and needs in life. 

Ready to get started?

Take the personality test, or send me an e-mail