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There are sixteen different flow states, and everyone has a different flow state. When you’ve learnt to recognise a positive state, you can use it to predict what makes a person enter into flow. You can use this to make people experience the world more positively. 

Find a persons flow state, and find how to put them in this flow state. Remember, the flow state is mindful, and it is proactive. The person must be taking new steps forward, and they must seem conscious and aware of what they are doing. They must also seem like they have control over the process.

ENFP – The Actor

The ENFP in a flow state will be an actor, a dreamer, someone that likes to roleplay as various characters, and to imagine themselves in different situations, as different people. 

ENTP – The Inventor

An ENTP in a flow state will be brainstorming new ideas and coming up with unique solutions and ways to solve many different problems. Give them a problem to solve, and see them go at brainstorming!

ESFP – The Adventurer

ESFPs have a flow state that makes them get deep into experiences and to seek out adventure and pleasant situations. Give them adventure and give them great experiences. 

ESTP – The Fighter

An ESTP in a flow state will want to always be the strongest person in the room. Give them challenges to overcome, set standards, and test their abilities. 

ISFP – The Designer

ISFPs have this flow state where they are improving and making things more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, fine-tuning the world according to how they see fit.

ISTP – The Fixer

As an ISTP, you are the most in flow when seeing and intercepting issues, and finding ways to fix problems in unique ways.

INFP – The Artist

INFPs like to find new ways to express themselves and who they are, learning more about themselves. 

INTP – The Researcher

The INTP is in flow when researching problems and analysing things, improving and making things more efficient.

INFJ – The Writer

An INFJ in flow will want to understand humanity and people and how to get people to think and to see the world in more profound ways.

INTJ – The Strategist

An INTJ in flow loves to devise plans and to come up with strategies and methods to solve problems that will appear in the future.

ISFJ – The Teacher

ISFJs in flow take on the role of teachers, helping people understand and learn from mistakes and to do better. 

ISTJ – The Builder

ISTJs that are in an actualised state appear as builders, constructing and making things.

ESFJ – The Speaker

ISFJs in flow take on the role of teachers, helping people understand and learn from mistakes and to do better. 

ESTJ – The Producer

ESTJs in flow like to produce and to make different things, meeting production standards and outperforming themselves.

ENFJ – The Storyteller

ENFJs in flow tend to enter a storyteller mode, of full imagination, where they weave brilliant tales and get people to dream and see new things.

ENTJ – The Executive

The ENTJ in flow tends to come up with and find brilliant ways to execute ideas and can act with intelligence, making good business calls and coming up with new projects.