How Does My Personality Test Work?

Personality Test Statistics

This article is great if you are curious how the personality test works and why you got the result you did. I have gathered tons of data on personality type through my personality test statistics. I have a unique personality test that measures your personality type based on your strongest cognitive functions and personality traits.

How many people have taken my personality test?

55377 people have taken my personality test so far and for every person that takes the test I am able to get stronger and stronger evidence and data. Using this data I am able to test what questions are doing well and what questions need to be improved. In this article, we take a look at the data and patterns I have observed so far.

Most common types

At the moment, INFPs have enjoyed taking my personality test more than any other personality type, closely followed by the ENFP. This is in part because INFPs and ENFPs tend to make out my biggest groups of followers. The test has also been heavily shared in these groups.

Strongest cognitive functions

With ENFPs and INFPs in the lead, it is not surprise that Extroverted iNtuition is the most popular cognitive function on my test. Both these types tend to test high on this cognitive function.


Take the personality test

The Enneagram “Mindset” Test

The Big Five Test

I developed this test with inspiration from the NJTI-4. The NJTI-4 is a test built on modern discoveries in neuroscience and personality psychology.

Personality types & Cognitive functions

In this chart, we see the strongest cognitive functions for every personality type. Importantly, every personality type has every cognitive function. However, some personality types ted to specialise in particular cognitive functions.

Flow TypeNiNeFiFeTeTiSiSe

The Questions

Find out what the questions I use mean and how they work.

  • Firstly, every question will give you +6,25% on two dichotomies and on either Assertiveness or Turbulence.
  • Secondly, every question is based on a cognitive function, for example question one and two measure introverted iNtuition.
  • Thirdly, Assertiveness and Turbulence is about whether you tend to agree with more positive or more negative statements.

1.I enjoy investigating elaborate concepts and theories

INFJs tend to say yes to this (5/6 strongly agree) while ESTPs tend to strongly disagree with this (4/6 Strongly disagree)

2.I find parties and events overwhelming

3.I like to focus on helping and supporting other people

4.I don’t enjoy discussions and arguments

5.I like to reflect on my own situation and feelings

6.I find competitive environments discouraging

7.I like to research and develop concepts and theories

8.I find multitasking stressful

9.I like to investigate and test new patterns and theories

10.I dislike having to narrow down my options

11.I like to take charge and make responsible decisions

12.I like to lead people through projects

13.I am good at dissecting arguments and ideas

14.I don’t like to see things from other’s perspectives

15.I like to organise and plan my days and events

16.I struggle to adjust to new and different things

17.I like having a consistent routine

18.I find new and unusual things difficult to deal with

19.I enjoy talking about my values and beliefs

20.I don’t like managing or leading other people

21.I like to learn about other’s perspectives

22.I don’t like to have to explain my thought process

23.I like to do things fast, making decisions on my feet

24.I find it hard to sit down and focus on a long-term project

25.I enjoy physical activity and exercise

26.I find it hard to sit down and wait

27.I enjoy decision-making and prioritisation

28.I find emotional attachments and commitments stressful

29.I enjoy challenges and far-reaching goals

30.I don’t like to explain my personal feelings

31.I find it easy to come up with new ideas and to make changes

32.I find it hard to maintain self-discipline and consistency

Questions or suggestions?

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