The MBTI Personality Traits


THE MBTI PERSONALITY TRAITS. Are you a Healer (Introvert) or Fighter (Extrovert)? Discover the different personality traits and learn about the archetypes underneath them in this article.

I've found that there are in total eighteen unique archetypes. They are, as follows, The Healer, The Protector, The Fighter, The Magician, The Sage, The Everyperson, The Giver, The Achiever, The Reformer, The Leader, The Mediator, The Rebel, The Champion, The Sidekick, The Rival, The Player, The Creator and The Worker. Which one are you?

Personality traits list

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The MBTI Personality Traits

Introverts (I) and Extroverts (E)

THE HEALER. Firstly, introverts represent the power of going inside to heal from trauma and past negative experiences. By taking time to introspect and to process your own experiences, you can gain insight and inner clarity. The Healer is the most introverted archetype. You are therefore often preoccupied with your own struggles and difficulties. Therefore, good examples are INFPs, INTPs, ISTPs and ISFPs.

THE PROTECTOR. Secondly, the Protector is an ambiverted archetype. Many score in the middle of Introversion and Extroversion. Because of this, these types tend to be less introspective – and less outgoing. They work to protect themselves and other people from harm and have a strong need for security. They are, therefore, less likely to take risks than the extroverts. Good examples? INFJs, INTJs, ISFJs, ISTJs, ESTPs, ESFPs, ENFPs and ENTPs.

THE FIGHTER. Thirdly, Extroverted types are fighters and so, are more inclined to take risks and to rush to advance a situation. You think about what needs to be done and you are going to push for what you want even if it sometimes can get you in trouble. Importantly, you are prepared to try new things even if it means leaving the comfort of old. Good examples are ENFJs, ENTJs, ESFJs and ESTJs.

iNtuitives (N) and Sensors (S)

THE MAGICIAN. Pure iNtuitive types often take the role of magicians. This is an archetype of Invention, Transformation and Change. Magicians can be whimsical and eccentric. They base their decisions on their own imagination and ability to visualise an idea or possibility internally. To them, anything is capable of change and nothing is set in stone. Examples of Magicians are ENTPs, ENFPs, INFJs and INTJs.

THE SAGE. Types that are more balanced in Sensing and iNtuition often appear as Sages and Seers. They are insightful and wise, able to not just consider new ideas, but also to ground themselves in pure fact and data. Finally, their ability to back up their theories with objective information is what makes them known as sages and experts for other people. Some Sages are INFPs, INTPs, ENFJs, ENTJs, ISFPs, ISTPs, ESTJs and ESFJs.

THE EVERYPERSON. Sensory types lead with experience. We know these types to be practical, grounded, and down to earth. You have been able to make peace with the community and to accept the situation around you. Lastly, you have less of an interest in changing things and have a more mindful approach to life. Everypersons are, for example, ESFPs, ESTPs, ISTJs and ISFJs.

Feelers (F) and Thinkers (T)

THE GIVER. Firstly, pure Feeling types tend to be known as warm-hearted, sensitive, and caring types. You are considerate to other people and always take people's needs and feelings into account when making decisions. Honesty and authenticity is something important to you. You seek to give to the world, by expressing yourself and your heart. Examples of Givers are ENFJs, ESFJs, ISFPs and INFPs.

THE ACHIEVER. Secondly, types that are balanced in Feeling and Thinking are often overachievers. These types tend to have lofty goals and ambitions. You are focused on your powers and capabilities. Achievers enjoy impressing other people. You can at times become overly concerned with your image and how other people perceive you. Examples are many. INFJs, INTJs, ENFPs, ENTPs, ESTPs, ESFPs, ISFJs and ISTJs.

THE REFORMER. Thirdly, as a Thinking type, you are logical and focused on accuracy. You want to be efficient and effective, making decisions and spotting the correct, best action to take. You ignore other's as well as your own feelings when making decisions, as you want to make the best decision possible. Good examples are INTPs, ISTPs, ESTJs and ENTJs.

Judgers (J) and Perceivers (P)

THE LEADER. Firstly, strong Judging types make for effective leaders and managers. You naturally take charge and people look to you for guidance and order. Your focus is on the whole, and you focus on the big picture and long-term goals above all. You work with principles and rules to predict what will happen. Examples are INFJs, INTJs, ISTJs and ISFJs.

THE MEDIATOR. Secondly, people that are balanced on Judging and Perceiving often take the role of Mediators and as such, you seek balance and harmony between the personal and the general. You want to align your needs with the group and so, you seek positive compromises in order to maintain peace. Examples are many. ENFJs, ESFJs, ESTJs, and ENTJs, as well as INFPs, INTPs, ISTPs and ISFPs.

THE REBEL. Thirdly, strong Perceiving types are inquisitive, sceptical types that challenge laws and norms. You are often an individualist and someone who sees new and different ways to move forward. You make decisions based on your own situation, relative to the current situation. Good examples are ENFPs, ENTPs, ESTPs and ESFPs.

Other Personality Traits

Other personality traits are Assertiveness, Turbulence, Playfulness and Industriousness. You may recognise inspiration for these traits in DiSC and these are used to create the different MBTI subtypes.

Assertive (A) and Turbulent (T)

THE CHAMPION. Firstly, when your energy is more assertive, you become more confident in yourself and your natural talents. You make decisions faster and speak more passionately about things. You can also appear aggressive or dominant to other people.

THE SIDEKICK. Secondly, a sidekick is balanced in Assertiveness and Turbulence. You work together with other people to find solutions. While you lack confidence in yourself alone, you are confident in the power you can achieve together with other people. This makes you more cooperative, but sometimes co-dependant.

THE RIVAL. Lastly, ore Turbulent types tend to often be Rivals. These types often doubt and second-guess themselves and other people. It is hard for you to trust other people just because they say so. Your energy can appear more neurotic. You often question yourself and other people, taking a more cautious style.

Playful (+) and Industrious (-)

THE PLAYER. Firstly, when playfulness is high, your energy becomes more natural and free-flow. You do things that are fun and enjoyable and sometimes procrastinate on work and tasks.

THE CREATOR. Secondly, a Creator is someone who works hard to manifest ideas and their energy into something fun and original. You work with inspiration and discipline, working hard to turn fun ideas into something serious and meaningful.

THE WORKER. Thirdly, you have a strong sense of duty and responsibility. It is important for you to meet demands and expectations on you. Because of this, you take a more serious approach to life. This also makes you more responsible in your energy.

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