What does it mean to be a Feeling type?

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Feeling describes how much you value cooperation, agreement, and harmony. There are two kinds of Feeling: Introverted and Extroverted Feeling.

Feeling types often value universalism, connection to nature, animals, and people. They are often individualistic, and focused on self-expression. You can value art, ethics, and morality.

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Introverted and extroverted SENSING

Introverted Feeling | Fi | The Intropersonal Intelligence

Introverted Feeling | Fi | The Intropersonal Intelligence

Introverted Feeling can be used by any type, and is associated with empathy and taking on the feelings of other people as if they were your own. Introverted Feeling drives…

Extroverted Feeling | Fe | Interpersonal Intelligence

Extroverted Feeling | Fe | Interpersonal Intelligence

When you use Extroverted Feeling, and anyone can use this function, you become aware of the values and social norms and the beliefs of the group. Extroverted Feeling types tend…

Common Questions About Feeling

What is Feeling (F)?

Feeling is social and organic and avoids rules and principles, instead focusing on just living and expressing life freely. You value communication and connection. You are benevolent and agreeable.

Which types are the most Feeling?

ESFJ, ENFJ, INFP, and ISFP personality types have dominant Feeling, where ENFP, ESFP, ISFJ and INFJ personality types have a more supportive, secondary role Feeling.

How do you know if you are a Feeling type?

You might find that you are more sensitive, and that you are more attuned to art, beauty, and meaning. You see people, life, and living as something meaningful. You care about other people and the world.

How can you develop your Thinking?

Embrace your benevolent and caring nature. You see the best in everyone and try to forgive and understand people as best as you can. Look at what you like and appreciate in other people and in the world. See beauty and art in things.

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