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iNtuition - your need towards creativity. iNtuitives value change, originality, and freedom. Intuition comes in two forms: Extroverted iNtuition and Introverted iNtuition. Common values for iNtuitives include: A diverse, varied life, wisdom, novelty, oneness with the universe, transformation, openness, and freedom.

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Introverted and extroverted intuition

Introverted iNtuition | Ni | Existential Intelligence

Introverted iNtuition | Ni | Existential Intelligence

What is Introverted iNtuition? Is it wisdom? Existential Intelligence? Or is it the ability to reflect on and form original ideas about abstract concepts? You are most likely a Philosopher…

Extroverted iNtuition | Ne | Patterns Intelligence

Extroverted iNtuition | Ne | Patterns Intelligence

In today's article, we will talk about the following questions: Firstly, what does extroverted iNtuition look like? Secondly, what is the difference between extroverted and introverted iNtuition? Finally, how do…

Common questions about iNtuition

What is iNtuition (N)?

iNtuition is the creative function and iNtuitives can be described as whimsical, eccentric, and unpredictable personality types. iNtuition-types tend to live varied, diverse lives. Often, iNtuitives reject material pursuits and are more interested in ideas and concepts. It is common for iNtuition dominants types to lack discipline, and to struggle to adjust to life.

Which types are the most iNtuitive?

INTJ, INFJ, ENFP and ENTP personality types have dominant iNtuition, where INFP, INTP, ENTJ and ENFJ have a more supportive, secondary iNtuition.

How do you know if you are an iNtuitive?

Do you often feel that it is hard for you to fit in? Do you find it hard to keep moving in a straight line in life? Do you enjoy intellectual topics and discussions? Are you always learning and changing as you go?

How can you develop your iNtuition?

Think outside the box. Be original. Make changes often. Don't follow the norms and established conventions in your society. Go inside to reflect on existential questions and matters.

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