Your love of presence, action, and experience. Sensing types live rich, busy lives, focused on doing and experiencing things in a hands-on way. There are two variations of Sensing: Extroverted and Introverted Sensing. Common values for Sensing types are: Discipline, Tradition, Resilience, Strength and Intensity. Adventure. A fulfilling life. To enjoy what life has to offer fully. Pleasure, and to be a part of the community.

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Introverted and extroverted SENSING

Introverted Sensing | Si | History Intelligence

Introverted Sensing | Si | History Intelligence

As an Introverted Sensing type, you have an uncanny sense of detail and attention. You are observant and you listen carefully to what a person says. Your focus is on…

Extroverted Sensing | Se | The Nature Intelligence

Extroverted Sensing | Se | The Nature Intelligence

Have you noticed that you have the ability to see the world around you in high definition and strong color? Can you notice things about the world most people tend…

Common Questions About Sensing

What is Sensing (S)?

Sensing is the most proactive function and Sensing types tend to be busy, active types with full schedules. You value experience, action, and intensity. You want to enjoy what life has to offer fully.

Which types are the most Sensory?

ISTJ, ISFJ, ESFP and ESTP personality types have dominant Sensing, where ISFP, ISTP, ESTJ and ESFJ have a more supportive, secondary Sensing.

How do you know if you are a Sensing type?

Do you find it hard to just sit still? Do you fear missing out? Would you like to always have something to do? Do you like to have people around you? Is your community important to you?

How can you develop your Sensing?

Stick to a decision once made. Try to be consistent in your actions and lifestyle. Take your community and family into account. Enjoy and celebrate traditions and life. Bring out the fun and light in any situation.

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