The Pioneer


The Pioneer Archetype




Doer (Outgoing, Proactive)



Core values

Creator (4), Discoverer (7), Healer (Sp) Ruler (8)


Proactive, Learning, Conscientious, Outgoing

The PLCO (Pioneer Archetype)

To be the first to discover something new, to take new initiatives and to lead people through a process of change. To reinvent new ideas in your own image. To have your ideas and discoveries fix problems in the world around you, easing suffering and making the world better. The PLCO is driven by a sensitivity to the worlds needs: they believe the world needs them and their ideas and hope their ideas will be able to save the world, or at least, it should make people feel better and happier.

The PLCO is a hard-working type and a striver, ambitious and high-aiming. Their goals can sound ludicrous and impossible at times. But the PLCO sure has the work ethic to make it possible. Fueled by their curiosity, all ideas interest them and if nobody else has been there before? Even better. To inspire the PLCO, all you need to do is give them a cause. Give them a problem that requires new solutions. Put them in a new environment where little is known, and they will be the first to stand out.

To be responsible for new research projects or to lead creative expeditions. To bring out new ideas from a new field and to come up with your own solutions to new problems. The Pioneer is usually highly proactive, its always the next thing to them. What is going to happen next? What could I do after this? Always learning, always reconsidering, always trying out new things. Sure, most of their ideas will never work, but what does that matter as long as some do?

Showing Initiative

The PLCO type excels at showing initiative. Usually the first to try something new, Pioneer types tend to live original lives doing unusual things. To assume initiative is to assume power over something: when you are the first to do something, you are also the first to define it.

The PLCO type shows power and ambition by showing other people how new things should be done. Being the first, you lead the way for other people. A person with initiative is quick to act and soon also focused on step two. It makes sense then, that the Pioneer archetype struggles when they lose initiative.

The Pioneer does not want to be the last to something. They hate missing out, and don’t want other people to reach their destination before them. If there was a chance to be first and they missed it, that can sting to the Pioneer.


To pioneer means to be the first to do something or to achieve something. As a pioneer, you are usually the one making the first attempt at something. Your outgoing and slightly restless nature is always driving you out into the world. You want to learn and to gain new experiences.

You are always open to changing your mind and to considering things from new perspective. You learn as you go. But the world can strike you as full of flaws and struggles. The Pioneer is always focused on trying to fix what is wrong with the world in some way. As a pioneer, you feel like the world needs you.

Their hope is that their creative process will help people deal with problems they have. And the Pioneer is always sharing their newest inventions and discoveries with other people. Their belief is that by doing so, their ideas and changes will make a difference in the lives of others.