Performer Powers

These skills and abilities help you achieve various goals and positive states while avoiding certain negative outcomes or negative emotions. 

Performer powers

We rely on these powers to take various actions and to reach various results. With this, we can do well at a job or achieve good success in something. Performers search for a positive state of success or pride in accomplishment, while avoiding the anxiety of failure and making mistakes. 

This can mean covering up and hiding failures or pretending to be better at something than you are, or avoiding risks or situations that will put you at risk of failure, while focusing on things that you feel good at. 


Intrapersonal and impractical. You show a high awareness of your purpose and who you are but you are often overcome by practical obstacles and feel weak or unable to do well at it. 

Introverted Feeling & Sensing Perceiving

Practical but prone to misunderstandings. The buddy wants to keep things smooth and to take care of practical issues for other people, but are often afraid of misunderstanding others or failing to intercept their needs. 


Skilled at intrapersonal awareness and understanding how people think. But prone to being late and to missing schedules and appointments, being disorganised.

Introverted Feeling & Sensing Judging

Skilled at organisation and structure, you like to take care of situations and to keep your environment in good order. But sometimes prone to misunderstanding other’s needs and failing to understand others. 


This is your ability to create art and music and to make beautiful things.

Introverted Feeling & Intuitive Perceiving


With this ability, we can help someone understand a difficult situation and to come up with ways to help them understand change in their life.

Introverted Feeling & Intuitive Judging


This allows you to do well in acting and going into character, roleplaying in some way.

Extraverted Feeling & Intuitive Perceiving


The ability to draw people towards a cause and to rally people towards an action or an uncertain future. 

Extraverted Feeling & Intuitive Judging


The ability to handle adventure and to be in the heat of a situation and to come out of it alive and well.

Extraverted Feeling & Sensing Perceiving

Public speaking

The ability to speak to and rouse people towards something. 

Extraverted Feeling & Sensing Judging


The ability to stand up against someone and to manage challenge and whatever people throw against you. 

Extraverted Thinking & Sensing Perceiving


The ability to execute and to produce something according to instructions in a highly productive manner.

Extraverted Thinking & Sensing Judging


The ability to come up with ideas and to brainstorm various possibilities.

Extraverted Thinking & Intuitive Perceiving


With this, you can come up with a project and to execute a new idea.

Extraverted Thinking & Intuitive Judging


Thanks to this, you can research or analyse something in an intelligent manner.

Introverted Thinking & Intuitive Perceiving


Thanks to this, you can devise and come up with a plan or method for how to manage future situations. 

Introverted Thinking & Intuitive Judging


Using this, you can come up with a way to fix holes in something or to see what is wrong with something.

Introverted Thinking & Sensing Perceiving


With this, you can build things and put things together well. 

Introverted Thinking & Sensing Judging

Friendship powers

A friend seeks to avoid anxiety or the feeling of having done something wrong, while acting to feel stable and to feel brave and in control of your life. This includes avoiding being weak and avoiding a feeling of uselessness, and making sure your friends think you are worth or good enough to be on their team.

Innocent powers

This is the power to maintain harmony and a sense of pride or having done the right thing, while avoiding things that will make you angry or upset. This can mean avoiding opportunities and new chances out of fear of disappointment, giving up and sacrificing things to instead focus on doing right by other people. 

Lover powers

This is the power to maintain peace in your life while avoiding things that will make you feel shame or guilt. This can mean looking to the easy way to do something and to avoid saying or doing things that will make you feel bad about yourself. This means looking for something that will make you feel at peace and good about something. 

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I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.