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As a special promotion, I offer a 30 minute coaching call. Take the chance to ask any and all questions you have about the 16 personality types. Let's discover the 8 cognitive functions together.

You can use this call to get insight into your own personality type, and help finding out your core personality type. After making the booking, you will get an e-mail with a special link so that you can book your time slot.

I take an open-minded approach to coaching and personality typing. My goal is not to slam a label on you, but to help you better understand yourself. If you don't know your type, I can help you find out the right direction. My goal is that after the session, you will have more clarity and that you will be able to become more confident about what type, or what possible personality type combinations, might best describe you.

Why should I get coaching?

Most of my clients return for additional calls later. People like my work because I don't have bias towards certain personality types. I provide an accepting and understanding space. I am educational and so, the call is a great chance to learn more about your personality type.

I already know my personality type, but I have questions...

That's no problem. You can also use the call to explore your personality type, relationships, or work more in-depth. I can tell you about what kind of things can better motivate you and how to reduce stress.

What's special about your coaching? 

My goal is for everyone to become the fullest version of themselves. I want people to have the courage to pursue their passions and purpose. I want people to better understand themselves and each others. This is something you will see in my articles, videos, and ofcourse, in my coaching.

So book your session today and let's talk to each other's soon!


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Coaching days | Find out your personality type

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