Coaching: Find Your Personality Type

I offer coaching to give you the opportunity 60 minutes to ask any and all questions you may have about your personality type. I know everyone has doubts regarding their personality type and I am here to help you walk through those doubts so that you can better understand yourself.

Erik Thor Coach

My name is Erik Thor and I offer judgement-free coaching meant to help you better understand yourself and your strengths. I can use personality psychology and MBTI coaching to help you walk through struggles you might have related to your personality type. My coaching can also help you build stronger relationships to other people with different personality types.

MBTI Coaching

Get MBTI coaching to find out your flow type and get special tips and insights to how you can unlock the flow code. Using the personality test and deep-dive questions, I am able to help provide you with accurate insight into what you need to unlock energy and motivation in your life. My program involves a one hour Zoom conversation where we talk about you, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

My coaching program is also key to unlocking and understanding your personality type from more nuances, helping you understand your personality type in a flow state as well as under stress. See how you score and respond compared to the average person of your personality type and find out what your personal subtype is.

Or sign up for the Flow Code program and write your own personal program to flow. Use the flow code to master your own psychology and to better understand friends and family. Sign up for 99$ to learn to type and to read other people and develop your skills within the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and in applying personality psychology in your personal life. Get two sessions of 60 minutes for a discounted price here.

How It Works

After signing up, you will receive an e-mail with a link where you can schedule a session perfect for your time-zone. Afterwards, you will get a link invite to Zoom. There, we will discuss your personality test results. I will ask you questions to help you understand your personality type. I will help you type yourself and help you draw meaningful insight from understanding your personality type and the cognitive functions.

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