1x2 Coaching: Re-Master Your Type

Re-master your own personality type and make the changes necessary to live a happy and fulfilling life in tune with your needs and values. Develop your own personal growth project and get insight to get more meaning and fulfilment out of your life and your Myers Briggs knowledge. This package is for the person who wants access to meetings once every two week to discuss your personality type in-depth. This program can also be used to learn to type and understand the people around you, helping you advance your understanding of not just yourself, but also friends, family, and coworkers. This grants you two sessions of 60 minutes to learn all the secrets about your personality type.

Just want one session? That's okay too - check that out here.

How It Works

We meet through Zoom. There, we will talk about your personality type. On our first seminar, I will ask in depth questions and learn about your values. You will get a recording sent back after the conversation for reference. We will then move to work on your own personal growth project. We will look at your answers and responses and find out where you need to work and where your strengths are.

Step Two

We will move to discuss relationships, career struggles, and your personal life. We will talk about your personal growth project and your progress and see where you can improve and develop from where you are.

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