The Hero Code Ebook - Finding Flow & Your Personality Type

I take a holistic approach to personality psychology by connecting the study of personality types to the study of flow, confidence, and happiness. I have found the archetypes and personality traits most important to our health and well-being. Discover a philosophy and mindset that can truly change your life to the better. You can download an introduction here for free.

This first e-book is 43 pages in total and will outline the basics on my flow type approach. This is a great start if you want to understand the 16 personality types. It will introduce the basic concepts and values that I operate with in my personality psychology.

In future additions, you will see expansions into the cognitive functions of all the personality types and documents that will explain even further how the different personality types work, think, and act. Buying this ebook supports me in my work and in my ambitions. I hope that we can together combat the stereotypes and bring forward true self-discovery.

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