Video Personality Typing Services

Send in a link to a public or unlisted video of yourself, a friend or family member and get a personal report. 

Record yourself in a well lit room. Your video can be between 10-20 minutes long. Upload your video to YouTube or another cloud service and set it to public or unlisted and share the link to get your personality report. You can send your link using this form:

[ninja_form id=1]

Your report will come in about one week and includes detailed insight and information about your personality type.


Tell me about a situation where you felt energised and excited. What were you doing? What do you find fun?


Describe a situation where you felt confident. What were you doing and what made you feel confident?


Tell me about a time when you felt high stress. What were you doing that you perceived as stressful?


Think back to a moment where you felt anxious or confused. What did you do to center yourself and to feel more calm.


Tell me about a project or value that is very important to you. Why is it important to you?


What kind of role do you tend to have at work, how would your coworkers describe you?


What were you like as a child compared to what you are like today?


Tell me about what personality types you tend to identify most with and why

Thought processes

Describe which cognitive functions you tend to relate most to and why. If you don’t know what the cognitive functions are, tell me about a common thought pattern you tend to have and try to explain how your mind works.


Do you have any goals or plans that you are working towards, and which?

Final questions

Do you have any final questions for me? Let me know!

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