Visual Typing


Do your facial expressions betray your personality type? Find out with my visual typing!

For fun or because you're just a little curious, you can get a short personality profile based on your visual/facial expressions. Just upload 5 pictures of yourself, preferably well-lit and with a high resolution for highest accuracy. I will tell you what personality type you most resemble and what personality traits connect to your facial expressions.

Visual typing can be a way of discovering how consistent your facial expressions are with your personality type. Find out what kind of a smile you have and what your eyes say about your personality type.

Send your pictures attached in an e-mail to hello[at]

Does visual typing really work?

Visual typing should not be taken as 100% objective truth, but can be one part of the picture and can say a lot about yourself.

Typing people visually should never be about measuring the size of a persons nose or how big the eyes are – rather, it is about how you smile on camera, or how you make eye contact, or how your cheeks warm up. These kind of visual signals can be really fascinating as they are a part of what we communicate to the world. Already, when we blush or tilt our head towards another person, we are communicating our identity, feelings, and values to the other person.

Why should I want to be visually typed?

If you know your own visual signals and how you present yourself, you can also learn to recognise it in other people, making it easier for you to understand other people and yourself. By observing your own body language, how tense you are, or how relaxed you feel, you can notice stress and anxiety in yourself faster.

My visual typing is just a quick way to get to know yourself and if you want to go deeper, you should consider sending me a video of yourself or applying for coaching.




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