The Magician

The Magician is one of the archetypes most associated with flow and energy and the conscious control of our energy. The magician seeks to make something out of their energy and to achieve something within the areas they are most interested. They have strong hobbies and interests that they work on day by day.

Nickname: The Magician
Cognitive function: Energy Control
Temperament: Curious and Decisive
Primary domain: The Magical
Primary goal: Transformation
Core fear: To be controlled
Key terms: 

The Magician

What you mainly see in the Magician is this hard work to make their ideas come true. They seek novelty and new information and to realise themselves and their interest in the world around them. The core goal here is transformation: to turn what you think and want into reality.

So what you see in this type is that they want to keep learning and to keep throwing themselves at their goals. They are highly confident within the areas they are most interested and act as if they are in full control and know exactly what they are doing. 

What is fascinating about the magician is they fear lacking in control or being controlled. They worry they do not have enough energy or power or that their abilities are not enough.