Sensing Judging – The Organisation Intelligence

Discipline, Sensing Judging, Sensing Judger, Sensing Judging Type, Organization Intelligence
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Sensing Judging, Sensing cognitive function, Organisation skills

The Sensing Judging type is focused on the control of the physical and of our environment and the sensory. They form habits and routines to deal with the world around them. They practice and rehearse and show discipline, and keep working at something until they know it inside and out.

Sensing Judging translates to organisation intelligence and represents how we can look at our environment and see how it all should be organised. Is something in the wrong place? Are things clean and neat? When do we eat and sleep? How many do we invite, how many fit in the room, do we need to get a bigger place? 

Nickname: The Host
Found in flow types: ISFJ, ISTJ, ESFJ, ESTJ
Cognitive function: Sensing Judging
Primary domain: The Past
Organisation Intelligence
Body language: Sharp and strong gaze
Key terms: Discipline, Organisation, Duty, Maintenance, Oversight, Planning, Routine

The Host Type

The host wants to be informed and well in control of a situation. They value knowing how things are and how they should best be. Their focus is on the past, both the past they already have, and the past they want to make or recreate.

They take advantage for seeing over and making sure the ship stays afloat, looking at what needs to be done to maintain the rules, order, and organisation they believe is most important. They like to have a good method or approach to things. Rule of thumb and common practices they can apply to solve issues and problems.

There is joy and energy when the Sensing Judging type can keep their environment neat and organised. The Sensing Judging type is typically busy, they enjoy having full calendars and always having something to do. The Host wrestles with change. They are typically routinely and want decisions made, and ideally, things should happen at the right time and the right place.

iNtuitive Perceiving brings about a stress in this type. There is a feeling that things could fall into chaos at any time and there is a struggle when things do not adhere to the order you want or need. There is also a fear of being out of date or old fashioned and not being able to keep up with what is happening around you. 

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