Kinaesthetic Intelligence (Sensing Perceiving)

“I want to have something to do at all times. I hate just sitting down and doing nothing.” The doer is an archetype of life and action. They like to have sounds around them, they like to have things happening around them, they like when things are active and fast-paced. 


The Doer

Cognitive Function

Sensing Perceiving (Navigation Function)


Kinaesthetic Intelligence


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Spontaneous and direct action 

Traits and abilities

Alertness, Activity, Adaptability, Busy, Vital, Charged Up, Instinctive, Reflex Memory

Body language

Associated with energy and alert, strong eye contact, mild tensing of the muscles outside of the eyes. This type has a broad eyed gaze and lots of momentum. Ready to jump on anything new. The sensing perceiving type can also appear hungry, as if they crave or want something from a situation. 

The Sensing Perceiving Type

Sensing Perceiving is a navigation function. Its primary focus is on the here and now. It responds strongly and swiftly to new stimuli. It keeps an eye open for new events and actions. It is direct and practical. It moves with the wind and with changes. It believes in adjusting to circumstance and taking life as it comes. The core goal is to get energy and to experience the world physically. To be able to get your hands on something, to touch something, to hear something. The sensing perceiver is hungry for experience and for sensory stimulation.

It is flexible and believes in adaptation: life is not about what life throws at you, but how you deal with it. Sensing perceiving types love to be in areas where there is action. They want new things happening around them at all times. When there is nothing to deal with, this type becomes easily bored. At these times, they can be the instigators of action, and so, they give and spread life around them. 

The sensing perceiving type is however not a catalyst or an intuitive, it does not think about its actions. The ideal is to act on instinct, and not to question the events that unfold before you. What happens is not seen as something abstract or hypothetical that is subject to change. If something happens, it happens, and so the responsibility is for you to roll with the punches. This creates a highly adaptable type, and the sensing perceiving types are associated with adjusting their behavior and actions to their environment. 

Kinaesthetic Intelligence

Sensing perceiving is best described as a kinaesthetic intelligence. It works primarily through the body and through the five senses. It is related to our response or action to something or what we have just heard or seen or touched. 

A sensing perceiving type typically is strongly aware of their own body, their own instincts, and their own impulses in regards to something. This means they usually like to keep moving or doing something with their body, preferring to remain mobile or active rather than passive. This can cause them to appear restless or unruly. 

The sensing perceiver may struggle to sit still or to do nothing or to just wait. They want an answer about what will happen and when it will happen, and the answer should ideally be “right now.” If forced to wait, they may take action into their own hands, seeking to speed it up and get a solution directly. There can be a fear that if nothing is done, nothing will ever happen, and this reflects on the Doers struggle to conceptualize a “future”. The future is perceived as something negative, something to avoid. If nothing happens, if nothing is done, a negative future will come to pass. 

Spontaneous and direct action

The sensing perceiving types value spontaneous and direct action. Where sensing judgers want to have a schedule of many things to do, sensing perceiving types like to be able to do something unplanned, in the moment, just because it feels good. 

So many sensing perceivers thrive on that free-flow ability to do something spontaneous, and want and value spontaneousness in themselvse and others. There can be a feeling at times that other people are boring and predictable, and many SPs are insulted by the phrase “Lets do it later.” I mean, what do you mean later? When is that exactly? Often, the feeling sensing perceivers get is, if not now, when? Still, that is not to say that the sensing perceciver lacks any form of restraint.

As long as there is a plan or a date for something, they can wait, but there has to be limits to how much things are planned, and room to go outside the book. The best thing about a sensing perceiver is that they thrive for moments when something goes wrong. If the calendar falls apart, a new problem comes up, and a response is needed now, trust the sensing perceiver to take care of it for you. After all, they are the modern day action heroes. 

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