Sensing Perceiving – Kinaesthetic Intelligence

Sensing Perceiving, Sensing cognitive function, Kinaesthetic Intelligence

Sensing Perceiving focuses on what we can do in a situation. It is hands on and focused mainly on the physical, on what is happening, and what feels best in the moment. As a Sensing Perceiving type, you tend to have a busy and active energy. You like to keep moving and to stay active.

In practice, you tend to develop strong kinaesthetic intelligence. This means you are often skilled in using your body or hands or legs to excel in sports and work sectors that require a hands-on approach.

Nickname: The Doer
Found in flow types: ISFP, ISTP, ESFP, ESTP
Cognitive function: Sensing Perceiving
Primary domain: The Happening
Kinaesthetic Intelligence
Body language: Open and strong laser eyes
Key terms: Active, Busy, Engaged, Physical, Direct, Mobile

The Doer Type

What I feel the most strongly about the Sensing and Perceiving type is that it enjoys being busy. It always wants something to do and looks for the nearest sense of stimulation, the shortest distance to walk, the fastest route to finish the race. It likes staying active and engaged and thrives in active and rich environments.

Most difficult then for the doer is what is far away or remote. It is difficult for you to wait and you are sometimes accused of being impatient. You always want something going on and can get restless when told to wait or sit still. It can be difficult for you when people are just talking about something that will never happen. You like to keep things concrete and real. 

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