The Influencers (Sexual Instinct)

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It is important for you to be of importance to other people. You need to know that you are able to make an impact in the world and that you have value and significance. You want to touch the people around you and build strong and special relationships. You need things to mean something and so you search for answers or a place where you can feel is truly for you.

The Lover is the archetype most associated with vulnerability and putting yourself in a position where you are not in control. To be vulnerable is to put ourselves out there to someone we look up to or are fascinated with. The Lover seeks to remake themselves according to a higher ideal. Their focus is on what they can become. 

Nickname: The Lover
Cognitive function: Energy Control
Temperament: Curious and Flexible
Primary domain: The Ideal
Primary goal: Romance
Core fear: To be cheated

The Lover

What we tend to see in the Lover is a tendency to remake themselves for the name of an ideal or something they care about. They need plenty of inspiration and energy and in particular, they want other people to be interested or even fascinated with them. So the Lover has a call to be interesting, mysterious, or complex. They want to attract the attention of others and in particular they look for closeness together with someone. 

The lover tends to adjust and change to be more interesting to someone else. Their minds are flexible and they are always growing and changing. We see in this type someone that puts themselves in new and difficult situations. Due to their need for romance, they are open to take risks and to place themselves in a situation where they can get hurt. As they do, they learn from the risks they take, and hope to come out of the situation reborn.

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