Discover The Sixteen Personality Types

There are sixteen personality types in total. Every personality type is unique from the other in their values and interests, but there are also connections and similarities between certain types. 

NT – The Intellectuals

Types that primarily rely on their intelligence to achieve success in the world.



At their best, curious to know why and how things work. Excellent at using critical thinking to come up with constructive solutions. Enjoy competition. At their worst, mismanage social relationships and fail to show discipline.


In flow, these types are excellent at reading patterns and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Enjoy experimentation and exploring alternatives. During stress, can hold on to past pain, refuse to empathise with others, and act brashly towards others.


In their best form, influential and proactive. Skilled at management and at leading a project. Set an example and lead the way for others. When out of shape, can take on a victim-mentality, claim unethical behaviour is more honest.


In a state of flow, thoughtful and wise, favouring intelligent action and solutions. Productive and skilled at planning and executing a vision. During a swing of stress, can feel tribe is against them. Struggle to trust others. Act unethically before anyone has a chance to betray them.

NF – The Idealists

Types that primarily rely on their dreams and values to find happiness in life.


Ideally, this type is philosophical and insightful. Good at supporting the tribe and providing reassurance and empathy to others. When unhealthy, withdraw and isolate themselves from others. Feel weak and unfit to be a part of the tribe.


At their prime, the ENFJ is good at connecting with and leading and supporting others. Set an ideal for others to live by. Act kindly, to teach others kindness. When they fall, they can think themselves into a martyr role, unintentionally guilt tripping others.


At their best, a seeker and a romantic. Someone that sees the many roads available for us all. Honest and strongly individualistic. At their worst, feel stuck and cold, disappointed by people and things that did not meet their expectations.


In their ideal form, INFPs are honest and wise individuals that go against the flow and seek to make their own place in the world. Doing so, can however cause them to stress that they do not have a place or a part in the world. So, in stress, this type can feel alone, weak and powerless to change things.

SF – The Influencers

Types that primarily rely on their voice or social skills to make themselves into something.


The Advisor, The Utopian, The Everyperson, The Performer, The Influencer, The Muse


The Adaptor, The Influencer, The Hero, The Muse, The Performer, The Lover


The Influencer, The Organiser, The Hero, The Caregiver, The Citizen, The Lover


The Influencer, The Everyperson, The Caregiver, The Creator, The Citizen, The Utopian

ST- The Builders

Types that primarily rely on their abilities and skills to make do in the world.


The Builder, The Creator, The Scientist, The Architect, The Citizen, The Everyperson


The Hero, The Organiser, The Builder, The Leader, The Architect, The Citizen


The Hero, The Adaptor, The Hacker, The Performer, The Builder, The Leader


The Everyperson, The Performer, The Hacker, The Scientist, The Advisor, The Builder