Discover The Sixteen Personality Types

There are sixteen personality types in total. Every personality type is unique from the other in their values and interests, but there are also connections and similarities between certain types. In the world of personality psychology, there are introverts and extroverts, sensors and intuitives, feeling and thinking types, as well as judging and perceiving types.

ENFP (Ne/Fe/Np/Fp)
ENFJ (Ne/Fe/Nj/Fj)
INFJ (Ni/Fi/Nj/Fj)
INFP – (Ni/Fi/Np/Fp)
ENTP (Ne/Te/Np/Tp)
ENTJ (Ne/Te/Nj/Tj)
INTJ (Ni/Ti/Nj/Tj)
INTP – (Ni/Fi/Np/Fp)
ESTP (Se/Te/Sp/Tp)
ESTJ – (Se/Te/Sj/Tj)
ISTJ (Si/Ti/Sj/Tj)
ISTP (Si/Ti/Sp/Tp)
ESFP (Se/Fe/Sp/Fp)
ESFJ (Se/Fe/Sj/Fj)
ISFJ (Si/Fi/Sj/Fj)
ISFP (Si/Fi/Sp/Fp)

The Stage Model

Imagine a theater hall with a stage, a back stage, a front row and a back row. The way I see it, different types prefer to be in different places in this theater. EXXJs see themselves standing on the front stage, performing and proving their worth to the group. IXXPs see themselves sitting in the back seat, observing and analysing everyone from a safe distance.

Front Stage

Want to prove their skills and abilities in the world around them, ideally on the front stage. Want to avoid failing other people or letting people down, or at least not to feel invisible.

Front Seat

Want to experience life head on and to avoid missing out on new information. Don’t want to be controlled or held back by others. Their theme of life is to always focus on the next thing and to struggle to appreciate what they have.

Back Seat

Want to protect their individuality and their beliefs from pressure and conflict from the outer world. Prefer to observe the world from a distance, and like to spend time analysing and reflecting on their experiences.

Back Stage

Want to avoid loss and to preserve the information and lifestyle they have. Work to develop their ideas and their inner world and to manage the world from behind the scenes.

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