The ENFJ A and ENFJ T personality types are known for deep caring and loyalty. You are compassionate and idealistic. For you, it is important to be your best version of yourself and for that purpose, you are always working hard. ENFJs are known to see the potential in people.

If you've taken my personality test and gotten the Advocate personality result you are probably a highly extroverted person. You like to connect with and understand people. As an Advocate, you are an idealist who see's and brings out people's true potential. You like to help other people grow. In this article, we will talk all about you and your unique quirks. We'll discuss the ENFJ cognitive functions and ENFJ personality traits, and much more.

What is an ENFJ?

The Advocate is, like the ESFJ, an extroverted feeling type. You are primarily a people-person and you are assertive and confident around people. You like to take charge of the group and to get everyone to work together. Unlike the ESFJ, you are a curious and open-minded person who likes to reflect on spiritual matters and the future. You dream big.

Extroverted Feeling
Introverted iNtuition
Extroverted Sensing
Introverted Thinking

Learn about the Cognitive Functions here.

The ENFJ Personality Traits

As an Advocate, you are:

  • A communicator who likes to connect with and interact with other people
  • The dreamer who is never satisfied and who always look's to what is next
  • An idealist who wants to bring out the best in every person

ENFJs personality traits:

Extroverts in the true sense of the word. You are at your best around people.
Intuitives, to an extent. You like ideas but you like to take a practical approach, thinking about how you can make ideas happen.
Feeling, very much so. You feel things deeply and care strongly for humanity and for the world around you.
Judging, to an extent. You like to have a plan and you make a good manager. You can be spontaneous and improvise well.

What does an ENFJ look like?

How do you know if you are an ENFJ? ENFJs are the lion kings of their friend groups. You are typically the one people look to for guidance. You set a positive example for other people to follow. Your image is important to you, and you want people to be able to connect with and sympathise with you.

How do you know if you are an ENFJ?

What does an ENFJ look like? People describe Advocates as charismatic, yet intense. You wear your heart on your sleeve and people can see that. You put your heart into everything you do and want to be at your best whenever you can. You know you're an Advocate because you:

  • Tend to make people your first priority. Sometimes you neglect your own needs.
  • You're confident around people - taking charge comes naturally to you.
  • You're not afraid to speak out to other people. Communication comes easily to you.
  • You're insatiably curious. You never stop learning new things. You're open to even the more strange and bizarre theories of life.

What are the ENFJ Cognitive Functions?

Firstly, the Advocate is an Extroverted Feeling type. You primarily study the world as a humanitarian. The people are your tribe and you are the person responsible for taking care of the group.

Secondarily, you aspire to be an Introverted iNtuitive. You look to the future and to spirituality to provide answers so that you can guide people in the right direction.

Thirdly, you use Extroverted Sensing. You are alert and busy and you like to play and interact with other people in order to make things happen.

Finally, the Advocate struggles with Introverted Thinking. When stressed, you can become overly critical towards things. You start looking for flaws in yourself and other people. Recognise this pattern in yourself and try not to overwhelming yourself by thinking of everything that is wrong. Work through one problem at a time, and work to stay positive and believe in the best in yourself and other people.


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Learn about the Advocate in this YouTube video.

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2 comments on “ENFJ Personality Type | The Advocate | ENFJ A | ENFJ T”

  1. I love your work. The video hit SPOT ON. The picture towards the bottom on the article shows a chart for ENTJ not ENFJ. Highly interested to see a chart on ENFJ. Thanks!

  2. I am an introvert. My feeling is introvert.
    Intuitive type. My intuition is both introvert and extrovert. Mostly perceptive. I am definitely not extrovert.

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