Meet the ENFP 'Idealist' Personality Type

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The ENFP personality type is firstly an Explorer driven by the pursuit of novelty and new ideas. (Extroverted iNtuition) This personality type should not be mistaken for an Adventurer. Instead, they are focused on learning. Idealists are always looking for tomorrow and focused on what is next. This type feels there is more to be discovered in life. Idealists are most of all interested in the abstract, what could be, what is possible.

Secondly, we know the ENFP personality type to be a natural counsellor. You show high character and integrity and follow a solid moral compass. This is because of the influence of Introverted Feeling, reminding you to aim higher and to be honest and authentic in your actions. Doing the right thing is a calling to the Idealist.

Thirdly, it has been shown that ENFPs are capable of being highly ambitious and driven in their call to do right by others. The Idealists are highly effective and can employ a very pragmatic approach to problem-solving. You are capable of turning an ethical cause or something that is important to you to good business.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the Idealist is highly stressed if there is a lack of stability or consistency in life. The Idealist will often forget to nurture and protect what they have and it can be hard for these types to appreciate their own situations. Being able to show discipline will take a lot of effort to this type. However, if you can demonstrate patience, you will be able to create a positive legacy and example for other people to follow. This would mean that you can demonstrate to people that you are able to not just have ideas, but also to make your ideas last.

The Flow State

In a flow state, Idealists show an excitement and enthusiasm to discover and to explore. You spot connections other people miss. You read between the lines and understand more than most. In flow, you are most likely expressing yourself through singing, art, or some musical expression. Stories and thoughts about travel can also attract you.

It is important for you that your self-expression is free from pressure and that you can be authentic and do things in your own way, without judgement from other people. However, ENFPs are often very busy and can get easily overwhelmed by work, so time to play and carefree social interactions with people you care about are important to relax.

Importantly, you are a type that highly enjoys change. You need to feel that your life stays fresh and that there is always something new to look forward to. If you feel trapped or cornered, this will cause you much stress.

The idealists like to learn about other people, and tend to employ an interpersonal, counselling style. They are often very involved in other people's life and take joy in being able to hear about what is going on with friends and family members. Importantly, you are curious and like to hear about the thoughts and inner lives of others.

The Stress State

In stress, you may find yourself dwelling about thoughts about loss. Firstly, you may find yourself reflecting on your past and what you used to have. You can also reflect on ideas that you had that didn't turn out the way you had hoped.

Secondly, disappointments can weigh on you. You may find yourself being highly critical of yourself and your situation during stress. You will point at and see anything that you are unhappy with in your life. Try not to extrapolate from this data, and try to recognise positive things and victories that you have had, as well.

Secondly, try to look forward and see the opportunities that lay waiting for you. New opportunities, and new connections are just around the corner. The next step is always the most important one you can take. You have what it takes and you are ambitious enough to turn. your ideals into reality.

Expect some discipline from yourself, and require closure. Try to complete at least one of every ten ideas that you have. Recognise that your Introverted Sensing 'Teacher' will never be able to keep up with your Extroverted iNtuition 'Explorer' and that learning from mistakes will take time. When dealing with novelty and potential, there is always a risk involved, but the opportunities make your new ideas worth it.

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