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You know you are an ENTJ personality type when you always see life as a series of complex challenges and endeavours. The ENTJ has a scientific mindset. You are encouraged to innovate, improve, and better yourself and your community in any way you can. You see opportunities and how the world could be better.

NicknameThe Entrepreneur
MindsetScientific mindset
Core valuesFreedom, Independence, Law, Pragmatism
TemperamentInquisitive, Nomadic, Serious, Strong
Cognitive FunctionsExtroverted iNtuition, iNtuitive Judging, Thinking Judging and Extroverted Thinking,
Key IntelligencesPatterns Intelligence, Speculation Intelligence, Systems Intelligence, Work Intelligence

The ENTJ Personality Type

The ENTJ can quickly identify opportunities and think of ways to change or improve to the system around them. They have a good nose for an investment and for a promising enterprise. They can tell when something is going to be successful, or how to make something more successful if it is not working. At least, this is the ideal the ENTJ personality type is reaching for.

To remain objective and to focus on the facts is important when you are an ENTJ. The ENTJ has a nomadic temperament: they are independent and autonomous and comfortable moving on their own, even if they have to walk alone. They do not take the world at face value but love to investigate how it really works. The goal here is to learn about the hidden secrets of the world. There are always more than one side to things according to the ENTJ. The ENTJ sees the world from many perspectives and viewpoints.

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The ENTJ Scientific Mindset

I associate the ENTJ personality type with a classic scientific mindset. The ENTJ is ideally always carried away by a project, feeling strong enthusiasm for the chance to work hard at some kind of abstract project or venture. You see the world in scientific terms. The ENTJ sees themselves as a champion of truth, objectivity, reason and science. Someone who can encourage people to see the world rationally and that can use science to make the world into a better place. The ENTJ personality type believes science and fact and objectivity is the key to unlocking new opportunities. It can be used when turning in profit, and making the world work smarter.

So it is an important thing for the ENTJ is the pursuit of scientific understanding, and the accumulation of tested and rational knowledge. The most important thing however, is turning this awareness into successful enterprise. The ENTJ will look at ways to research into good business, smart decisions. Given the ENTJs priority for execution, one of the most interesting fields for ENTJs is the science of productivity. Many ENTJs dominate the self-help literature sections and make a career out of educating smart and effective business. They look statistically at how to maintain productivity and how to turn successful business and write and research effective decision making and how to be a good leader.

ENTJ Core values

The ENTJ practices four core values: freedom, independence, law, and pragmatism. Freedom is the catalyst for the ENTJs extroverted iNtuition and allows them to think and speak freely on many subjects. The core principle is to be able to go anywhere, meet anyone, or do anything. The feeling that a route is blocked or that you are not allowed something is difficult for ENTJs, and they spend a lot of time working to increase their freedom and mobility. This is to ensure that they can keep chasing the opportunities they see and that they can turn their ideas into reality.

[ppp_patron_only]The worst is to have an idea, and then to not be able to execute it. With independence, this means, being able to be your own master. The ENTJ believes in disciplining the mind and in staying focused and keeping your direction. As an ENTJ personality type, you are always telling yourself to stay engaged and to keep working hard at what you do. While you believe in freedom, you accept laws and rules as tools to administer that freedom. You use the system to advance in and to test yourself against.

When you don't like the way the system works however, you remake it in the way you see fits you best. You are not one to be told to get back in line, not unless you are convinced that it is in your best interest. The ENTJ are at your best a highly objective people: this means they can accept and set objectives in the real world. You can come up with and spot important milestones and targets to reach in your environment. You can spot valuable opportunities and push yourself to work hard to get it.[ppp_patron_only]

The ENTJ Temperament

Inquisitive, nomadic, serious and strong. That is how most ENTJs are perceived. Sometimes nosy and full of questions, always with another viewpoint than the normal. You will find ENTJs to be extremely independent people. They rarely go with traditions and they avoid the low hanging fruits in favour of long-term goals. They focus on the bigger picture and think more in goals than in what is possible at the moment. ENTJs will not stick to the traditional board or game plan, and will not study the normal way to get where they want.

They will instead come up with their own path or plan to get where they need to be. They employ high creativity in designing how they work, live, and in creating their own unique structure in life. The ENTJ is tough and not afraid of banter and argument, in fact, they welcome the chance to have a good argument or to clash with other people when necessary. They will be hard on themselves as well as on other people and believe everyone deserves a good push once in a while. When you can get people angry, you can also get them to work hard.

A little force can get you a good way on the way where you need to be. At times, ENTJs may struggle with the sensitivities of other people. When you are just having a good open discussion, other people are getting upset. ENTJs believe they are trying to set fair rules for everyone, but see other people acting out and going rouge for no logical reason. While you are moving forward to explore new opportunities, other people seem to get attached to the past. On bad days, your annoyance with your ISFP rival may be projected to the world and to everyone around you. You may not notice when your own attachments, fears, and insecurities get the better of you. So it is important to find calm once in a while. To gain perspective and peace with who other people are. This will also give you peace with your own more repressed personality traits and nature.

ENTJ Cognitive Functions & Intelligences

Extroverted iNtuition / Patterns IntelligenceThis is the side in you that wants to be free. The one that can always see the other point of view, the one that can entertain new ideas and possibilities. The thought in your head that goes "what if?". Extroverted iNtuition shows you how things could be different. Extroverted iNtuition typically acts as "The Detective." It asks questions other people are afraid to ask. It investigates and digs out the real scoop. It sees or looks for what is hidden or what is missing. And it ignores the obvious to go straight to the deep.
Extroverted Thinking / Work IntelligenceAnother side in the ENTJ is focused on objectivity and pragmatism. It looks at the world realistically and studies how things work. It is the side of you that gives you strength and tolerance and toughness. Thanks to extroverted thinking, you can see what is profitable and what is expensive. It can tell you what decisions will give you what rewards, and it can help you see what available resources you have around you and how they can be used to get where you need to go.
Thinking Judging / Systems IntelligenceThanks to Thinking Judging the ENTJ can get rules in their life. Laws and structure are strategies that we all employ to reach goals and to get where we need to be. But ENTJs like to set rules and to employ rules just for the sake of it. When something has to be done, the ENTJs first thought is on the rules you need to set to make it happen. What are the boundaries for the project, how will you get the job done? Thinking Judging is the Architect function and it looks to designing systems, projects, and goals. It does this by seeing how different parts of the system interact and can work together.
iNtuitive Judging / Speculative IntelligenceFinally, iNtuitive Judging is the side of the ENTJ that makes the ENTJ want to go their own way in life. Rather than just follow the path offered up to you, or doing what your parents or teachers expect from you. The ENTJ wants something different and original, because of the iNtuitive value this offers. Being original allows you to create something new or to go somewhere no person has ever been before. iNtuitive Judging is the Speculant function and it helps you think long term about where you are headed or how events will play out.

[ppp_patron_only]ENTJ Growth

The worst is to let your feelings and personal sentiment get the better of you. ENTJs pride themselves on keeping a strong front and working hard at what they do. There is also a real fear in the ENTJ of revealing themselves to other people. The ENTJ fears showing who they really are and being vulnerable with other people. There is also a genuine fear of loss and missing out on something, to have something but to lose it. These fears reflect the ENTJs underdeveloped ISFP personality.

As an ENTJ, you are looking to rid yourself of those fears, to accept that they are there, but to not let them control you or keep you from being happy. The ENTJ is a person capable of great accomplishment. They can often reach success in business, science, and as pundits and politicians. What the ENTJ is ideally looking for is remaining open to challenge: to always keep an eye out for new options and for new potential. You will want to barter and trade and keep weighing your decisions as you move forward.

Ideally, you are looking to, while you can feel hurt and betrayed, stay rational and logical. You will want to try to stay calm even when your enthusiasm is causing you to get ahead of yourself. To know that a loss can also mean an opportunity, and that being vulnerable can translate to being strong. And with all this: you are looking to keep feeding yourself what you need to succeed and to stay successful. Growth is found in philosophy, reading, intellectual interests, in maths, games, and ENTJs are some of the most avid readers of all types. Reading is a way to balance your focus on the future with something more existential and philosophical in nature. It will help give an existential context to what you do and give peace of mind when things appear too fluid and open-ended.[ppp_patron_only]

Known ENTJs

ENTJs can be political pundits like Cenk Uygur, and economists like Raghuram Rajam. Also businessmen like Alan Mulally. The most successful ones are even popular choices for presidents and leaders of countries. Other ENTJs are staunch atheists, like Richard Dawkins. 

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