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ENTP Personality Type – The Inventor

What is an ENTP and how do you know if you are an ENTP? Firstly, Inventors are change-oriented types that are constantly studying the world. You enjoy to discuss ideas and to drive innovation. First, let's see how the MBTI ENTPs describe themselves.

Meet the ENTP Personality Type ‘The Inventors'

The Inventor is a Detective who will decode conversations and social interactions. Extroverted iNtuition helps you read into patterns that most people miss. Firstly, you are a talented people reader.

How To Spot An ENTP: Body Language
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You are able to spot intentions and to read the group and people's emotions better than any other personality type. You make a talented Diplomat and somebody who knows how to get on anyone's good side.

Most importantly, you see yourself as someone who serves science and efficiency. You want to be known as the best of the best at what you do. Competence is a key word for you. You will push yourself to whatever extent necessary to excel.

You are in a rush to make things perfect and often feel impatient. Things do not turn out the way you want them to. You are fast to learn and improve but you sometimes overestimate your skills and abilities.

The Inventors

In a flow state

Inventors enter into a flow state when they can maintain peak-productivity and keep busy with work. You want to face difficult problems and overcomes obstacles through inventiveness, quick reaction speed, and fast-paced logic.

As an inventor, you see everything around you as a code to crack. Those that can understand the laws of the universe can administer the most unique solutions. Like DaVinci, you can be a jack of all trades. You see opportunities and potential around you. You like to transform your environment and bring forward change.

One thing that gives you an edge is learning. By continuously studying new subjects you can get a quick edge over others. Being up to date is important to you. However, you can be in a rush to peer over data, and can miss important details along the way.

How do you know if you are an ENTP?

ENTP Personality Type, 16 Personalities ENTP, ENTP MBTI, MBTI ENTP, ENTPs

How do you know if you are an ENTP? Firstly, inventors are full of questions. Inventors are constantly testing different theories. You ask questions and discuss different scenarios and decisions and use the group as a bouncing block to test different ideas quickly. Secondly, Inventors are constantly running pro's and con's.

You like to weigh different options by their strengths and downsides. Lastly, an ENTP will constantly play around with different goals. You like to do things just to see what happens. You love data. Data about work, performance, and actions and consequences.

What is an ENTP?

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