The Public Speaker



Core values

Experience, Morals, Kindness, Discipline



Cognitive Functions

Extroverted Sensing, Extroverted Feeling, Feeling Judging, Sensing Judging

Primary intelligences

Nature Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Communication Intelligence, Organization Intelligence

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The ESFJ Personality Type

As an ESFJ personality type, you are ideally present, attentive, socially conscious and communicative. You value being a moral and good person, and you believe in being kind, forgiving and understanding towards other people. ESFJs are generally warm and present types that like to live in the moment. They are mainly socially motivated, and want most of all to learn about the community.

They are always observing the people around them, and love learning about people and who they are, what they like and dislike. The ESFJ is primarily a manager, someone who looks at how the world should be organised and how we should do things. They see how things are and they have a knack for adjusting and managing goals and projects. They can see when something needs a push in the right direction.

At their best, ESFJs have an ISFP worldview. They believe people are patient and that other people want to listen to and hear their story. They believe people are open to being communicated with and that people will understand you. ESFJs want to believe everyone has good intentions. When you know people are open to hear you out, you can be amazingly diplomatic and communicative. When you believe people are patient with you, you can jump to the stage and be yourself fully. But when this view falters, ESFJs can change dramatically in their personality. ESFJs, when stressed and anxious, can become distant and cold. They may

ESFJ Cognitive Functions

The cognitive functions of the ESFJ are extroverted sensing, extroverted feeling, feeling judging and sensing judging. Extroverted sensors are inclined to be attentive and to focus on their surrounding. You are primarily interested in what happens around you, new things to see, experiences to be had, places to be.

You like to live an active life and to be where things happen. Sensing Judging helps you organize your day to day life. ESFJs tend to have full schedules and times and dates for most things they do. There's usually a plan or routine to things, and ESFJs love having a long to-do list with many engaging and fun activities and events.

You make people feel seen and heard, and you also teach others to go out and live life and make good experiences. Extroverted Feeling is a very interpersonal process. It helps you learn things about people, what they like and dislike, how they dress, how they appear. It also gives you a sense of moral compass, you have a strong feeling for what is right and wrong that you tend to be very passionate about.

You see yourself as the person that sets things right when there is a problem in the world. ESFJs have a strong sense of goodness to them. With feeling judging, this process tends to become an organised code of conduct. You judge yourself based on how you act and treat other people. Your focus is on who you are and what you do for the community, and you have strong inner ideas about who you want to be and what role you want to have to others.

ESFJ Stereotypes

ESFJ behaviour can vary from person to person. There are a few stereotypes and misconceptions about the ESFJ personality type. They are sometimes described as helpful, outspoken, traditional and adventurious. More accurately, they are kind, attentive, diligent, and good-natured.

There is a moral side to the ESFJ in that they have strong beliefs and ethics about how we should and should not treat one another, but not all ESFJs are going to be speaking out for these values to the community. Some will choose to speak out about this to others, while others will focus on themselves and their own life and what they can do at home or for friends and family.

ESFJ kindness can sometimes translate to helpfulness, but it can also mean working hard to provide for your family, or making jokes to lighten the mood and spread a positive atmosphere. Beyond this, ESFJs can seem traditional because they often say no to new ideas. But the ESFJ are diligent and methodical, and they know there is a time and place for everything.

The ESFJ can plan to try out new ideas and new experiences, as long as there is a social value in it or if it sounds popular or interesting. They just need time to get used to the thought and to fit it in their usually way to busy schedule. Their values are sometimes but not always traditional, but their values are always social, and focused on what is popular, trendy, what people like, what they do, and what is happening right now. You can not generalize on ESFJ behavior, but the fundamentals, the values that drive their behavior, and their motivation is always going to be the same.

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