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Nickname: The Action Hero
Mindset: Reality
Core Values: Experience, Spontaneity, Tactics, Power
Attentive, Active, Detached, Tough
Cognitive Functions: Extroverted Sensing, Extroverted Thinking, Thinking Perceiving and Sensing Perceiving
Key Intelligences: Nature Intelligence, Systems Intelligence, Game Intelligence, and Kinaesthetic Intelligence

ESTP Personality Description

ESTPs are natural and pragmatic individuals. Their focus is on how reality is and the natural way things work. The goal is to understand the laws of nature and to use them to your advantage. You want and value power and you try to understand things in an objective manner. ESTPs enjoy spontaneous action and the chance to do something on instinct. They rely on extroverted sensing to understand their surroundings, focusing on practical aspects of nature, looking at what is where, and paying attention to your friends and family.

Sensing perceiving is your tool to navigate the world, helping you stay active and to keep an interesting life around you. Through thinking and perceiving, you can look at things logically, studying what is better and what is worse and thinking tactically about a situation. The ESTP is an extroverted and thinking type. This is making them value and appreciate statistics and data, and any information they can get about what is successful or valuable in a situation.

As an ESTP, you have a great love for nature and for being in an active environment. ESTPs see life as a game, there are rules to everything that happens, and if you play it right, you can have a chance to get ahead. What you need is to pay attention and see how things go and what happens. So what you have to do is learn to roll with the punches, take what life throws at you, and throw something harder back. ESTPs are naturally tough, but that can make them appear insensitive at times. This is not their intention, they are just trying to say things the way they perceive them.

The ESTP Reality Mindset

ESTPs have a reality-oriented mindset, making them focused on the way things are. The most difficult thing for an ESTP then, is the unknown, what does not appear to be anything. That which is hard to define or understand. The ESTP struggles with knowing and understanding what other people feel, why they do what they do, and why they act the way they do. Peoples intentions and secrets can be complicated and difficult for the ESTP. Reality puts her in a good state of mind, here, things are easy, fun, engaging, and interesting. Abstract eventualities are not nearly as interesting as what is happening in the moment. Life always has something interesting to offer, and there is always something fun to try if you are open to it. Reality represents beyond just sensory fact a natural logic and structure to it.

ESTP Cognitive Functions

ESTP Cognitive Functions

Cognitive Functions: Extroverted Sensing, Extroverted Thinking, Thinking Perceiving and Sensing Perceiving

Extroverted sensing in a nutshell is externally focused sensory information, anything you can hear, see, touch or grab hold of around you. Something that is sensing is more intense, more real, more concrete, and more practical. Because of this, extroverted sensors are typically loud, and often make a lot of motions and grabs to make their point easy and clear for listeners. Thinking perceiving is adaptable, flexible thinking. When you think or evaluate in a situation, what is better, and what is worse?

Thinking and perceiving is used to weight or test something for its properties and how it works. Extroverted Thinking is thinking that is focused on the world around us, and this can be anything from statistics, observations, and proof and data we find around us. Sensing Perceiving is finally the ability to move on instinct and to think kinaesthetically about something. Focusing on how something feels in the body or how we experience something in the moment.

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