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INFJ Personality Type ‘Philosopher’ (INFJ A & INFJ T)


Diplomat, Philosopher, Visionary, Counsellor



Core values

Kindness, Empathy, Originality, Independent


Sensitive, Contemplative, Kind, Nomadic

Introverted iNtuition, Introverted Feeling, Feeling Judging, iNtuitive Judging

Key intelligences

Existential Intelligence, Intropersonal Intelligence, Communication Intelligence, Speculation Intelligence

INFJ Personality Type Description

The INFJ personality type is characterised by a private, introspective, sensitive and kind nature. They are independent spirits, with a strong inner sense of responsibility. They are dreamers who like to let their mind roam free, thinking up original thoughts and developing a deeper and richer inner world. 

INFJs introverted intuition is at its best when they can have their own unique inner thoughts, coming up with new insights and revelations about life and their experiences. INFJs shine as introverted feelers when they can feel a sense of harmony and atunement to life: they want to understand people and animals and feel resonance between their personal emotions and experiences and other people. 

INFJs love when they can have an area of responsibility, a territory or a place that they own and have full control over, and when they can use this and all resources at their disposal to make the world a better place. INFJs seem the most high and at peace when they can dream up future situations, and to daydream about new experiences, relationships, and people. INFJs are kind, and that means they are focused on what they want to do for other people and for the world around them. 

They love when they can engage in small acts of kindness, helping, guiding, and nurturing the people around them. And they are the most brave when they can move freely towards a vision, ignoring convention. INFJs want to be able to walk their own path and to have independence no matter what other people recommend or think is best. 

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The INFJ Vulnerable Side 


Cognitive functions

Introverted iNtuition, Introverted Feeling, Feeling Judging and iNtuitive Judging are the main cognitive processes in your arsenal as an INFJ. Introverted iNtuition reflects how you prefer to see the world, like a philosopher, existentially, and originally, and Introverted Feeling represents your core values, in particular, it represents harmony. Feeling Judging how you want to act and behave towards others, basically, you want to be kind. Intuitive Judging what you want to do and experience, namely, the fulfilment of vision.

INFJ Subtypes

We all have blocks and thinking patterns that block us from being ourselves and from expressing who we are. There are sixteen subtypes of INFJs, all use the same functions, but in different ways. Some favour intuition and judging, and are highly visionary. 

Others tend to roll the most with introverted intuition, and seem more philosophically inclined. You may have met others that are more focused on kindness and diplomacy, focusing on being a good influence to the community around them. And of course, you may have met INFJs that are more inclined towards harmony, and towards intropersonal pursuits, harmony, and living in tune with ones values. 

INFJ – Rebel

INFJ rebels will find themselves swinging a more forceful independence towards the world: their strongly decisive judging function making them inclined towards more independent, original, and unique action. INFJ Rebels want to go their own way, solve problems their own way, and deal with issues with creativity and a highly developed iNtuition. They spend years working on their ideas and towards their visions, speculating infinitely about how to reach their goals and how to get from point A to B. Rarely do they ask questions or for help in these goals. 


INFJ-Caregivers maintain a thoughtful and optimistic introverted feeling, focusing constantly on harmony, working proactively to take care of others and to maintain peace and balance around them. They want to spend much time thinking about others and about their role in the world and how they can best meet their expectations. They want to keep things positive and to ensure the world around them is in good spirits.


INFJ-Performers spend lots of time wielding a critical feeling and judging, thinking carefully about how they express themselves and how they influence others. They want their judgements to be well grounded and realistic and to find smart ways to reach their values and to make the world align with their beliefs. The INFJ-Performers want to act and to do and to keep busy, and every minute spent lazying about is a minute wasted, so they take every chance they have to speak about their values and to influence the people around them.

INFJ Creators

INFJ-Creators will find themselves reflecting deeper and longer on their ideas and thoughts. Their worlds are the most extensive and far reaching and deep and they have a very elaborate and refined way of seeing the world theoretically. Their optimism and their creative mentality helps them add and come up with new and new, and new theories, richer, deeper, and more enhanced each time.

INFJ Sages

Sages have an extensive and carefully developed worldview, open to learn and to seek new information, to reconsider, and to switch around. Where creators prefer to hold on to and play with an idea for a long time, a Sage is more driven to learn and to find the right idea, and will spend much time thinking and researching and testing various theories. Their mindset is also more critical, and they will find themselves spending more time ensuring their ideas are accurate and considered critically.

INFJ Friends

One of the acting types, always focused on action and doing and learning and having fun and new experiences. Open to adjust, they are creative and can always think of something fun to do. Their intuition and judging is honed towards what they consider objectively fun pursuits. Learning more about and living life to the fullest.

INFJ Seekers

Manifest mainly their independence and hone it towards searching for their greater destiny or future. Believe there is a future waiting for them that they have to discover, but don't know what that is. Always open to learn and to find out, through pursuing and exploring theories and insights in the world around them.


Strongly shine with their feeling and judging and their kindness. Use this function with decisiveness and optimism, believe in themselves and their ability to make things better, and want to take responsibility. Have strong views that they find hard to change, theories they will not easily reconsider, ideas and insights they will work hard to implement in society. 


Show a very deep and thoughtful, and self-critical tendency. Want to have harmony and to think long and hard about how to achieve more harmony. Want to be critical and objective, to ensure they do the right thing, and that they are good people. Have high ideals for themselves and their beliefs: need their beliefs to be right and are constantly ready to learn from their experiences, and to change when necessary. 


INFJs that have a very personable and normal drive for independence. Want to walk their own way in life yet be accepted in the world. Have strong ideas and beliefs and are very critical in how they pursue and maintain their visions for their life. Want to keep moving forward towards their vision at all time, so focus on practical and objective ways to make their way towards their dream future. 


Show a very active and forward-oriented intuition and judging. Want to take swift action towards their ideal or dream scenario. Have an idea in their head they will work long and hard towards. Optimistic and hopeful, believe they will reach their end destination in the end, as long as they keep moving forward. Creative and open-minded, can always come up with new ways forward towards what they want. 


INFJ Healers are one of the harmony-oriented types, driven by a need to maintain inner peace and balance, they are always thinking about how to create more peace around them. They are open to learn and to consider new ways, and can be almost ingenious in thinking up new ways to move forward and to create peace around them. Decisive in their introverted feeling, they are seeking to maintain what they value rather than to form new values. 


INFJ-adventurers are one of the directive types, directive, decisive, and always open to learn and to have new experiences. Like to be out and doing things. Enjoy optimism and always hope for things to be better. Like going straight for what they want and what they believe in and to push themselves forward, no matter what obstacles ahead of them. 


Another directive type, but with less optimism. Focused on doing things in a rational and serious manner. INFJ Protectors want to keep their values safe and to ensure they do things the right way, with the right intention. They have strong opinions and beliefs that they are rarely open to reconsider, and can be very stubborn when challenged on these. 


INFJ Fighters hold strong opinions and beliefs that they tend to mostly keep to themselves. They have thought long and hard and have deep and rich inner lives, rooted in critical thinking and objectiveness. They can be very forceful and strong in these values, hard to change, and once they have set their mind to something, they will rarely back down. 


INFJ Muses cherish their introverted iNtuition and hone themselves towards the pursuit of insight, seeing it as a way to grow and develop. They love to think about who they are and where they are headed in life, seeking their own unique destiny and who they are. They are always engaged in introspection and personal exploration, and are generally hopeful and optimistic about this pursuit. 

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