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The Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling & Judging Type

You enter into a flow state when you can work on existential or philosophical projects, and become stressed by too many or too intense day to day events and activities.

Let's go!

INFJs are sometimes described as Empaths, but that's not how I see the INFJ personality type. What I've found is that INFJs are predominantly iNtuitive types and because of this, they possess a natural creativity. Beyond this, INFJs are highly focused individuals, that can put in a lot of patience and thought into an idea before they share it with the world. Because of this, I see the INFJ as a Creator.

Why do people sometimes describe INFJs as Empaths?

What is special about INFJs?

What can you do as an INFJ to better understand and care for yourself?

Discover that and more in today's article!

INFJs possess not just rich creativity and a vivid imagination, but also the ability to focus and hone-in on one particular idea.

Meet the INFJ Personality Type

INFJs are sometimes described as selfless types that tend to put others needs above their own. INFJs, it is said, absorb the emotions of other people and become natural counselors and support figures. This is strange, as the Feeling function of the INFJ is only in a secondary position. When you look at the real INFJ, you see a far more cold and detached individual, one dominated by the whims of their Introverted iNtuition. Carl Jung saw the Introverted iNtuitive type as a fascinating but complex one.

INFJs do not seem to value fitting in with the community, but do want to gain popular support and understanding for their ideas. Feeling is valued by INFJs, and it is what makes the INFJ more nurturing and supportive in relationships and friendships. Because Extroverted Feeling is in the secondary position, INFJs can act as role models when it comes to matters of morality and ethics. They may have strong views about how a person should live, talk, act and breathe. They have high standards, most of all on themselves, and discipline and temper their own feelings and emotions.

Now, let's talk about the INFJ A and INFJ T personality types.

The INFJ A 'Creator'

The INFJ A is someone with a creative gift that they seek to show to the world. INFJ As come in two variations, the A+ playful variations, and the A-, industrious variations. The A- INFJs possess a raw focus and strong self-discipline. They can lock themselves in their house for weeks on end, purely to polish and work on their ideas.

They tend to be self-critical and perfectionistic, wanting their ideas to become the best possible. The A+ variation subtypes tend to be more playful and find it more easy to share their ideas with the people. Even if they worry about making mistakes or looking like fools to the world, they still put their ideas on display and use humor and color to show their ideas in the best possible light.

The INFJ T 'Consumer'

The INFJ T personality type is often more of a consumer than a creator. This type still has the same INFJ love for ideas and creative expression, but can often feel they are not good enough, not talented enough to make ideas of their own. There can be a strong self-doubt here and that keeps the INFJ from truly sharing their ideas with the world.

The INFJ T- (Industrious) variation tries to stay practical and to better themsel ves, hoping that one day, they will have the talent to make something of their own. The INFJ T+ (Playful) variation looks to fun and casual entertainment as a means to keep them energised and positive.

INFJ Frequently asked questions

What is an INFJ?

The Philosopher | Introverted | iNtuitive | Feeling | Judging | An INFJ is one of the 16 Personalities and is known for their existential nature, and their humanitarian values.

What are the INFJ Cognitive Functions?

The INFJ Cognitive Functions are:
Introverted iNtuition, which causes the INFJ to primarily become interested in existential topics.
Extroverted Feeling, causing the INFJ to become focused on understanding humanity and their tribe
Introverted Thinking, driving a need for self-improvement
Extroverted Sensing as the inferior function, as a repressed need to go out and do something for the world.

How do you know you are INFJ?

You might be an INFJ if you are:
Someone who values existential topics more than action or experience
Someone that tends to put humanitarian causes above personal interests
A protector, counsellor, idealist, diplomat, visionary, and of course, a philosopher.

INFJ Big Five
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3 comments on “INFJ Personality Type | Creator | INFJ A | INFJ T”

  1. thanks ! very great article !
    i see that in comparison to other types, INFJs are more difficult to reach their full potentials. maybe becoming a monk, total isolation or living with a spiritual guru can help.

3 comments on “INFJ Personality Type | Creator | INFJ A | INFJ T”

  1. thanks ! very great article !
    i see that in comparison to other types, INFJs are more difficult to reach their full potentials. maybe becoming a monk, total isolation or living with a spiritual guru can help.

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