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INFJ Personality Type 'Philosopher' (INFJ A & INFJ T)

Written by Erik Thor

The INFJ T and A personality type is known to develop a great love for philosophy and existential matters early in life. As a Philosopher, you can study questions about life, death, spirituality and the universe with high enthusiasm. Thinking about the world can become an obsession to you. It is not uncommon for the Philosopher to neglect practical matters of life. The inner world is simply more fascinating to you.

As a Philosopher, you have the ability to envision ideas and concepts in vivid and beautiful colour. The metaphysical world is in high definition for you. Many Philosophers develop a fascination for spiritual matters. Magic is not just a fun thought for you, it's something illuminating and profound. You get energy from connecting with the spiritual aspects of life and feel that there is value to these matters. It is not always that the INFJ believes in spiritual matters, INFJs often use reason and cold rationality to analyse life. It is that they find spiritual matters fascinating to think about.

A key thematic to the philosopher is their interest in virtue and being virtuous. Philosophers are prideful types that often live by a strong moral code. You want the world to make sense and you also want the world to be a good one where people do what is right and ethical. Often, INFJs are idealistic types that live by a strong and rigid ethical system. Interestingly, INFJs tend to ignore their own feelings when reflecting on moral matters. Instead, they form rational principles about what to do based on what can have a positive effect on other's emotions.

Now, let's talk about the INFJ A and INFJ T personality types.

The INFJ A 'Philosopher'

The INFJ A is the Philosopher type at its best. This type of INFJ is able to use philosophy and existential insight as a means to connect with the world. You see the world as a beautiful place full of hidden meaning. You are fascinated with understanding different ideas and possibilities. The Philosopher enjoys connecting with people through deep conversations. You have a firm layer of philosophy above you. You feel that you've figured out some important truths about the world. This insight keeps you grounded and healthy. You live by firm principles and a high sense of virtue. You do what is right and what you think will set a good example for other's.

The INFJ T 'Philosopher'

Existential doubt and existential anxiety is a key thematic to the INFJ T. You may struggle with doubt or uncertainty about various aspects of life and being alive. Doubt can keep you from participating in life, or, it can cause you to feel overwhelmed and restless. It can also cause you to second guess yourself and your actions. You may doubt if you are a good person or what is the right thing to do.

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