INFJ Career


The INFJ Dream Job

As an INFJ, you want to find a job that allows you to do the following:

  1. Solve puzzles & mysteries
  2. Help people who need you
  3. Do something original
  4. Develop character and identity

Careers that can appeal to you as an INFJ are:

Programming & IT, as it meets your intellectual needs and is a practical way to help people around you. Downside: It may cause you to feel emotionally disconnected.

Counselling, as it is a way to build identity and learn more about people and their emotions and experiences. Downside: It may not meet your creative needs.

Healthcare, where you can master complex techniques to save lives and help others. Downside: It requires a lot of discipline, grit, and hard work.

Politics, where you can work on your vision and inspire people to work towards a common goal or purpose. Downside: It can require you to put yourself in overwhelming situations.

What is the best job for an INFJ?

As an INFJ, you can find success in many different workplaces and areas,. The most important thing is that you create a work-flow and work-technique that fits with how you think and what you want to do.

Think about how you can make sure your work stays creative and fresh, so that you never have to feel bored for long. Think also about how you can us your skill and ability to support your community, so that you don't feel too emotionally detached.

Make sure that your work does not demand too much from you and that it does not overwhelm you in terms of speed. Try to find a job that allows you to work patiently and long-term on a project.

The Hero Code

Finding flow in your personality type

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