Meet the INTJ 'Visionary' Personality Type

The INTJ personality type is firstly, a Philosopher and Sage who uses Introverted iNtuition to create a vision about what the world could become. You visualise in your head a concept or idea. You can become almost obsessed about the possibility of figuring out the complexity of the world. However,

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To the Visionary, character is of absolute importance. INTJs spend a lot of time working on themselves and seek to be good, morally upstanding people that achieve success in the world by following a morally strict code. Introverted Feeling is the driving influence behind this trait in INTJs.

Importantly, the Visionary is a goal-oriented type that wants to translate complicated ideas and ethical beliefs into practical action. You rely on Extroverted Thinking to set goals for yourself and so your goals are often ambitious and far-reaching.

As a Visionary, it is common to feel a bit out of place in the world. You may sometimes feel abnormal or different from other people. You struggle to follow practical social norms and to relax and have fun in a group. Visionaries are often highly serious, or maybe your mind is focused elsewhere? This is because you have inferior Extroverted Sensing.

INTJ Thought Processes

In a Flow state

In a flow state, INTJs can be highly focused and creative, focused on designing and developing a unique idea to later. be presented to the world. You can lose yourself in your own inner world, thinking over different options logically and determining a strategic course of action. You are always thinking not just about an idea but how it should be executed.

Firstly, INTJs tend to act from behind the stage, preferring to lead from a distance. You prefer to be the one that has the original idea and if you can, you would leave execution and presentation to other people. Tact and diplomacy is less important to you, most importantly, you can be effective and straightforward in your communication.

Secondly, Visionaries tend to need independence and space so that they can work on and perfect an idea fully. It is easier for you if people will let you do things your own way and if other people will avoid to interfere with your process. INTJs are systematic and mentally organised. Your thoughts, while abstract, all follow a specific process.

Thirdly, control is an important part of flow for a Visionary. You want to feel that you are in charge of a project and that you are involved in every step of a process. You prefer to work alone, and if that is not possible, you prefer to have independence to choose your own path and to do things your own way without having to discuss it with other people.

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  1. I would like to know the difference between a red and blue intj, and the difference between a navigator and a decider.

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