INTJ Cognitive Functions

INTJ Cognitive Functions

INTJ Cognitive Functions

INTJ Introverted iNtuition Flow Function

INTJs find incredible confidence in theories and ideas. To them, ideas are not just possibilities, but something real and meaningful. They feel positive when they can understand life and answer mysteries around them. They are inquisitive and curious and seek to explain the world by reflecting on it and figuring it out. This can sometimes lend to an overconfidence. You can be overly optimistic about the future and predict things to happen faster than they will. Be careful that this doesn't lead to disappointment in the end.

INTJ Extroverted Thinking Inspirational Function

INTJ Introverted Feeling Control Function

INTJ Extroverted Sensing Stress Function

INTJs can feel truly overwhelmed by the world around them. You can feel swarmed by tasks to do and stressed or nervous in busy, sprawling environments. You often prefer to stay detached and to avoid dealing with the real world. Often, you approach the world intellectually or think of ways to avoid going out or doing things for real. You can sometimes hide from the world and relationships if they start to feel too much to handle.

Key Intelligences: Existential Intelligence, Speculation Intelligence, Systems Intelligence, Analytical Intelligence

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