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The ISFP Personality Type Description

The ISFP are often described as wild and hippie like. But there is an easygoing, and down to earth quality in this personality type. Their values centre around their favourite cafe, sport, motorcycles, or something popular yet artistic. ISFPs are moderate and laid back in their interests, seeing it as just a natural expression and extension of who they are. 

ISFPs are also very active types, that like to act and live out and express themselves in what they do. Most of all, ISFPs want discipline, kindness, and the attention of other people. They want to feel seen and heard and they want to be with people who are warm, passionate and have strong morals. ISFPs have some weaknesses, first, they tend to struggle with feel weak, and they can fret about lacking focus and direction in their life. Second, they tend to struggle with laws and following orders. 

They have their own personal expression, way of dressing or particular tattoos or way of speaking. Not to be unique, but just because ISFPs are interested in the own self and who they are. ISFPs are surprisingly social in their interests, and like to be where people are, and do what people do. They are introspective and understanding types, and they enjoy studying people and getting to know how they work. They are observant and they tend to see things most other people miss. They like to focus on a persons specific mannerisms, reading your body language and expressions to determine your intentions and character. 

"He is unique, yet humble. Emotionally sensitive, yet a lover of adrenaline. He marches to the beat of his own drum, but he is still down to earth. " On the ISFP personality type

ISFP Needs

The ISFP is effortlessly patient, honest, and introspective. They understand and they are great listeners. They can take time with something and can do it meticulously. The ISFP grows quickly bored however, of just observing the world. While sometimes difficult for them, they need to go out in the big world and have real experiences. 

ISFPs need a lot of help and support from other people. They are highly ethical and see many wrongs and problems in society, but often feel they can't accomplish anything by themselves. When an ISFP knows other people can be kind and can set their own interests aside for others, they are further encouraged to see the world with open eyes and not to brush anything away. If people can show compassion and care for other people, and can remind the ISFP about important issues and moral problems, the ISFPs introspective abilities can be used to shed light on these issues. 

I've found ISFPs need a degree of discipline and routine. Routine adds to their ability to be spontaneous, when they know there are recurring elements through a week or a year, they can act and be spontaneous within these elements, making the most out of planned vacations, festivities and events around them.

ISFP Cognitive Functions

The ISFP Cognitive Functions

Introverted Sensing

The primary driver of humility and moderation. The introverted sensing type believes beauty is in the details, not the song, but the way you strum that chord. Not the picture, but that pencil stroke over the cats ears. Introverted sensing gathers data and likes to draw and save information for the future. They like to wait and to preserve for the next day, and they like to bring something from the past to the present, sharing experiences, memories, and things they have made or prepared for the next day. 

Sensing Perceiving

Sensing perceiving is what draws out the ISFPs thirst for action. It does on instinct what other people like to think out mentally, it feels out a situation, and it helps us stay up to date, fresh, and ready for the next thing. ISFPs are active types and most of all they are spontaneous. 

Feeling Perceiving

Feeling perceiving draws out the ethics and the natural wildness of the ISFP. It reflects their desire to do something because it feels right in the moment, to speak out about your situation, and what you are feeling right now. You feel and perceive what people mean with what they say and what is behind an action, whether it is natural and genuine, or forced.

Introverted Feeling

The introverted feeling side of the ISFP makes them inclined to introspect and want to understand people, life, and the experiences they have had personally. You feel internally and reflect and think about your feelings and why you feel a certain way. You try to reason with yourself and understand your own experiences, and you seek personal insight into self.

ISFP Stereotypes

The ISFP is in many ways misunderstood as the most artistic of all personality types, but can also have many other forms. They can enjoy working as baristas at your local cafe, or as nurses or massage therapists. They can be designers and sometimes even models. ISFPs feeling side can equally be expressed through creative expression, but also by being a honest and authentic hard-working person, a helper, or someones muse. 

I've found that ISFPs are equally described as socially erratic in a sense, of lacking boundaries or control, seeking adrenaline, taking risks, and putting themselves in dangerous situations. But the ISFP can many times be guarded, homely, or reserved. Their sensing side can drive them out to act and take risks, or it can mean having a big family and lots happening at home. ISFPs can behave and act very differently from one another, but the core values always remain the same. 

Nobody enjoys an active, unplanned, fun day like an ISFP. Nobody likes to think about their day to day activities and to reflect on what they have seen and heard in such detail as the ISFP. You'll meet ISFP helpers, ISFP explorers, and many more, but they all respond to similar interests and hobbies. 

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