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ISTJ Personality Type | The Builder | ISTJ A | ISTJ T

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Nickname: The Builder
Mindset: Diligence
Core Values: Discipline, Patience, Intelligence, Ambition
Temperament: Stoic
Cognitive Functions: Introverted Sensing (Observer), Thinking Judging (Decider), Sensing Judging (Navigator), Introverted Thinking (Reviewer)
Key Intelligences: Historical Intelligence, Organization Intelligence, Task Intelligence,

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The ISTJ Personality Type

"Slow but steady wins the race." The ISTJ is a patient and ambitious type, hard-working. They are armed with clear goals and careful critical thinking. People tend to perceive you as a person with strong roots and a strong history. That gives you, as an ISTJ type a sense of stability. Being able to conceive of a history, you can feel that there is something to preserve and take care of. We need history. It helps us to know that the things that happen today, will also have mattered tomorrow. So the ISTJ is one that collects and stores and preserves day to day events so that they can look back at it the next day. They catalogue and run through experiences, thinking back on a day, about what has happened, and how it happened.

As an ISTJ, you are all about following a strategy and a game plan. Ideally, you want to have a thought out way to live life, a plan or a system that works and helps you deal with what life throws at you. Because of this, ISTJs tend to calenderize and schedule their days. Ideally, they want to have a consistent plan for every day, with multiple things to do and to deal with. When there is nothing to work on or nowhere to be, the ISTJ feels bored and understimulated. There is a need for the ISTJ to have something to do, to feel relevant, useful somehow. The ISTJ is a highly intelligent type and values thinking critically about something. But their history oriented, logical style can make them feel outdated or irrelevant to the world and how things currently are.

The Diligence Mindset

ISTJs struggle against a feeling that the world is changing, while they want to hold on to the past. Ideally, the ISTJ wants to show that what they have, what they know, can still be useful and still offer answers to the things that happen in the world of today. And the ISTJ works tirelessly for this cause, perfecting their routine every day. ISTJs are always looking to improve themselves in some way and to get more knowledge about something. The goal is to understand the world better and to show more diligence and to find an optimal way to arrange your life.

If we think back to our life and how things have been, we can understand more about how things are and how things should be. We can learn from our past experiences and we can live more smartly and in tune with the natural way of things. In this sense, ISTJs are natural teachers, because they do not just understand reality in a here and now sense. They can also make sense of things by connecting it to the past. ISTJs can therefore explain things in a mechanical and accurate sense.

They can tell us how things have been and how things that are happening now fit with what has happened before. ISTJs are seen as knowledgeable and intelligent in this sense. They are generally serious and tell things the way they are. You will find that they do not embellish or exaggerate but try to be impeccable with their speech. They are patient with people and with life and can keep going even when things get hard. They are slow-moving and do not believe in rushing things. Diligence is the keyword for the ISTJ, to keep working towards something, and to do so with care and persistence. To not give up or change your path half way there, but to find closure and to be able to complete something, and to find a routine that works and can help you get to your goals.

ISTJ Cognitive Functions

Introverted Sensing (Observer)

This internal and sensory function can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used to store and collect information and data from a situation, and it can be used to make sense of sensory experiences internally, by comparing it to other experiences we have had. I call it "The Instructor" process because it is experienced as a set of instructions about how things are.

Thinking Judging (Decider)

This decision making process is used to set goals and to think about what you want and how to obtain it. It can be used to go over resources you have and how to use them. It can be used to come up with and plan a project or a strategy to solve a set of problems. I call it the Architect because of how it designs and draws up a goal in a logical and structured manner.

Sensing Judging (Navigator)

Sensing Judging is a routine navigation process associated with thinking about how to arrange our environment. It shows  you how to organize your life. It helps us think about what is happening from day to day, helping us see that there is an order to the chaos that is life. I call it The Host process because it creates events and situations and meetings and arranges our situation. This means giving ordinary events names, definitions and boundaries.

Introverted Thinking (Reviewer)

Introverted Thinking can be used to analyze and review our situation with logic. With this, we are hinking about what goals we are meeting, how well we understand the mechanics of things. It can help us see and understand the rules and laws around us and to follow and understand a task or a process. I call this process the Scientist because of its critical approach to understanding life.

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