Nickname: The Mechanic, The Fixer, The Doctor

Core values: Moderation, Achievement, Thinking and Spontaneity

Important needs: Experience, Control, Learning and Discipline

Stressors: New patterns, diplomacy and etiquette, moral and interpersonal considerations, and focus

Key Skills: Attention to detail, trading, problem-solving, analysis, critical thinking, active, observant.

Cognitive Functions: Introverted Sensing, Thinking Perceiving, Introverted Thinking, and Sensing Perceiving

Primary interests: Practical

Temperament: Advisor

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ISTP Personality Type Description

The ISTP personality type is observant and studious, enjoys technical tasks, developing skills and improving at various tasks. They are gifted in history and typically moderate and patient types. They can work for a long time at something, slowly developing their abilities. They like to throw their head against someone or something and see how they come out at it. They like to think critically about a situation and to look at something logically. They try to find a natural and traditional way of life, a normal way of doing things, acting, and managing problems. 

What you will find about the ISTPs is that they often like to ask questions that they then answer on their own. They like to define problems in logical terms and to think about life and how things are. Beyond that, ISTPs like always having something to do, something to work with, something that requires their attention. ISTPs need challenge, discipline and stimulation from their environment, and can become apathetic or bored without it. 

They enjoy having a project or a deadline and can feel life lacks interesting challenge or anything meaningful to do. ISTPs are gifted problem solvers, and have a crafty temperament. They are often focused on small things they can keep improving on and adding to. They like to give advice and focus on how to improve or fix on routines and projects that are going on around them. They are sometimes seen as lacking in initiative because of this, but really, they can be quite spontaneous. 

They have a side to them that allows them to roll with the punches, to adapt and go with the flow. So what is the bad side? When stressed and anxious, ISTPs can struggle with avoiding good opportunities and holding to the past. ISTPs have a tendency to ignore potential future consequences of their actions. They may be rude or unkind to people or can get irrational and erratic when experiencing social pressure from other people. Still, if they can manage this stress and anxiety, they are some of the most patient, efficient, adaptable and intelligent types you will meet.

ISTP Cognitive Functions

Introverted Sensing

The primary driver of humility and moderation. The introverted sensing type believes beauty is in the details, not the song, but the way you strum that chord. Not the picture, but that pencil stroke over the cats ears. Introverted sensing gathers data and likes to draw and save information for the future. They like to wait and to preserve for the next day, and they like to bring something from the past to the present, sharing experiences, memories, and things they have made or prepared for the next day. 

Sensing Perceiving

Sensing perceiving is what draws out the introverted sensors thirst for action. It does on instinct what other people like to think out mentally, it feels out a situation, and it helps us stay up to date, fresh, and ready for the next thing. Introverted sensors are active types and most of all they are spontaneous. 

Thinking Perceiving

Thinking Perceiving is associated with calculating and thinking about our situation and what is happening around us rationally. Thinking Perceivers keep tabs on the situation and check for pros and cons for everything they do. They like to barter and trade with other people, finding the best deals and solutions. They also enjoy customising solutions and looking for methods that will fit for every situation.

Introverted Thinking

Introverted thinking types enjoy reflecting on the world internally. They think critically about themselves and their own behavior, and enjoy studying the inner workings of people, things, and animals. They like to come up with logical explanations for why things happen and to think critically about how they do tasks. The goal of introverted thinking is to improve and fine-tune on something.

ISTP Primary Needs

ISTPs need four key things to function to their best extent possible. They need a healthy amount of routine and discipline and to do lists, that they can then choose to ignore completely or improvise within. They enjoy being given raw data, information, and knowledge about the world around them that they can then pick apart with their rational process and use to draw conclusions about the inner mechanics of things around them. 

ISTPs have a function that works by studying their environment and mastering details about it, but they need experience and people that can show them and engage them to actually start absorbing this information. If someone can be pragmatic with them, and can introduce them to the world.

Beyond that, ISTP personality types need people that can set rules and offer some control or parameters. ISTPs need to know what is successful, and what the goal is, and then they can think of smart ways to optimize these goals and to ensure the goal is met smoothly. When only some or none of these meets are met, it can be difficult for the ISTP personality type to truly express or use their process appropriately. 

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