ISTP Personality Type | The Fixer | ISTP A | ISTP T

Nickname: The Mechanic, The Fixer, The Doctor

Core values: Moderation, Achievement, Thinking and Spontaneity

Important needs: Experience, Control, Learning and Discipline

Stressors: New patterns, diplomacy and etiquette, moral and interpersonal considerations, and focus

Key Skills: Attention to detail, trading, problem-solving, analysis, critical thinking, active, observant

Cognitive Functions: Introverted Sensing, Thinking Perceiving, Introverted Thinking, and Sensing Perceiving

Primary interests: Practical

Temperament: Advisor

ISTP Personality Type, 16 Personalities ISTP, ISTPs, MBTI ISTP, ISTP MBTI

ISTP Personality Type Description

The ISTP personality type is observant and studious, enjoys technical tasks, developing skills and improving at various tasks They are gifted in history and typically moderate and patient types They can work for a long time at something, slowly developing (...)

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2 comments on “ISTP Personality Type | The Fixer | ISTP A | ISTP T”

  1. Thanks Eric, I had no idea I was ISTP, thought I was Infp or j, but the Crafter is really what my artist & creator is all about!

    Lookin forward to joining, patroning, or donating in future-things are tight now.

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