The Person (Social Instinct)

The Social Instinct

The social instinct represents our ability to adapt and to be normal. It is what allows us to connect with other people.


The Human, The Person, The Weirdo


Connecting with others


Being disconnected from others




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Normal / Weird


Acceptance / Rejection


Spiritual (Yellow)


Information-based & Decisive (Actor)

Person (Social Instinct)

The Social Instinct represents our ability to connect with others and to relate to other people. It suggests an ability to adapt and to adjust to other peoples expectations and to fit your view with the view of other people, creating something that feels “normal.” The Person is a type that strives after personhood, to be someone to other people, to have a role and a place in the community. 

At the same time, this type wrestles disconnection and feeling weird or fear of exclusion. Fearing to be alone and to have nobody, this type is at risk of compromising their own personality to fit others expectations. They risk becoming purely what other people want them to be, for good and bad. 

When you have a social mindset, everyone is a potential friend. You feel connected to other people and you tend to initially like others and see them in a positive way. This people-positive mindset gets us to want to talk and to interact with other people, to relate to them. 

The Social Mindset

Being a yellow type, the social mindset gives you a sense of understanding. The yellow type has highly spiritual needs. There is a conception of the community and an ability to feel connected to the greater world around you. You are everyone and everyone is you. This spiritual experience is at the core of the person. 

This feeling of togetherness helps them thrive in communities, helping them relate to and build bridges with other people. The social type needs to feel included and heard. To feel invisible or weird is difficult for the person. It goes against the very nature of the social instinct. When the social mindset is active, we believe we can speak to and connect with other people, we can be understood, and other people can be understood too. 

This ability to have belief and hope and trust towards other people is very typical for the yellow actor. The Person adjusts to the people around them. Being normal, your actions are shaped by this need, so you want people to relate to and to feel connected to what you do. You want them to understand where you are going and you want them to feel a part of your journey.

The Normal Type

Digging deeper into the social instinct, it is often enough just to talk and communicate with other people to be normal. The person adjusts their actions to their environment and takes their community and social setting into account. This makes their actions easier to understand and relate to. Other people will see the social type and their feelings as appropriate and normal to the occasion. 

To be weird means to do something that nobody else does, in a situation where nobody else would do it. To be normal means to to do something other people could also do. Spiritually, being normal just means to fit in. It takes great power to go against the flow and to challenge your community. It requires effort to challenge your environment and situation and to do something unusual. 

The social instinct makes us become shapeless, like water, to be able to take on any form convenient in the moment. The social mindset of the person helps them stay connected to other people. Knowing you are not alone, you are able to do things that require trust and help from other people. Ultimately, this reflects your quest for acceptance.

Acceptance and rejection spirals

For a spiritual type like the social type, connection is very important. To feel misunderstood and rejected by other people is perhaps the most difficult experience for the Person. To know your ideas are not understood right, to feel judged by other people. 

The person fears losing the community and having people lose trust in them. When you place as big importance as the person does on your environment and on other people, the loss of the support of others can mean the failure of your purpose. There is a big fear of becoming disconnected from others. But there is also a great opportunity for the social instinct. The social instinct allows us to reconnect, and to keep trying, until we have regained the favour of other people. 

The person is generally able to make better of a situation and to turn it back around in their favour. They can explain themselves and they can understand others. Because of their social nature, they make other people feel spoken to. People will tell the social type “You make me feel understood and accepted” and acceptance is a very big goal of the person. 


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