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What is your 16 personalities subtype?

I have found that many people try too be or act like another personality type than their true Flow Type. While your 16 Personalities Flow Type represents your core values and who you are at your best, your subtype represents what personality type you wish that you were, and actively try to be like. Take the personality type subtype test and discover which personality type you most want to be like.

Let's go!

This test will reveal which personality type you most idealise. After getting your results, try to become more aware of how trying to be someone else than who you really are can affect you. While it is sometimes nice to demonstrate cognitive flexibility, and to be able to adjust your behaviour to what is appropriate for the situation, you may benefit from being more like yourself.

By getting more in touch with yourself and making better career decisions, and improving your lifestyle to be more in tune with your personal needs, you will have a higher chance of experiencing flow, and higher energy and motivation.

The 16 Personalities Subtype Test

16 Personalities Subtypes

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