The four subtypes that I have encountered are: The Genius, The Expert, The Principled, and The Professional. These subtypes have unique and different cognitive function specialisations. From there, you can branch out in total sixteen different subtype variations. Interesting, right?

The MBTI Subtypes

The Expert (Observer/Reviewer)

Stays secure and grounded in themselves. We trust this subtype to always know what is right and what is wrong. We go to them for advice and feedback, knowing they will be honest with us and that they will tell us how things really are.

Positive qualities: Knowing, Understanding, Secure
Negative qualities: Apathetic, Maladaptive

The Introverted Subtype

The Introvert is often described as detached, withdrawn, private, and rational. They seek answers inside rather than outside. They focus on their own thoughts and impressions first and consider outside evidence to be of secondary value.

  • The Guru: The Introverted iNtuitive/Introverted Feeling Subtype (Ni/Fi)
  • The Scientist: The Introverted iNtuitive/Introverted Thinking Subtype (Ni/Ti)
  • The Doctor: The Introverted Sensing/Introverted Feeling Subtype (Si/Fi)
  • The Analyst: The Introverted Sensing/Introverted Thinking Subtype (Si/Ti)
The Extroverted Subtype

The Extrovert is well-informed, communicative, and engaged. We trust them because they’ve been there and seen it for themselves. They hold outside information and evidence to be primary information and consider their own thoughts and ideas about this information to be purely speculative.

  • The Journalist: The Extroverted iNtuitive/Extroverted Feeling Subtype (Ne/Fe)
  • The Investigator: The Extroverted iNtuitive/Extroverted Thinking Subtype (Ne/Te)
  • The Adventurer: The Extroverted Sensing/Extroverted Feeling Subtype (Se/Fe)
  • The Player: The Extroverted Sensing/Extroverted Thinking Subtype (Se/Te)

The Genius (Observer/Navigator)

Learns quickly & Able to think on their feet. The Genius Subtype is often described as intelligent but lazy – imagine if they did something with all that potential! Often, this type is able to quickly understand new information and break down patterns, and they can make some pretty amazing deductions and discoveries.

Positive qualities: Inquisitive, Perceptive, Information-seeking
Negative qualities: Sloppy, Rushed, Lazy

The iNtuitive Subtype

The iNtuitive variation is abstract, theoretical, creative and conceptual – concerned with what-ifs and hypotheticals. They are most interested in things that can’t be proven or explained, mysteries, and things that require speculation and new discoveries.

  • The Creator: The Introverted iNtuitive/iNtuitive Perceiving Subtype (Ni/Np)
  • The Magician: The Introverted iNtuitive/iNtuitive Judging Subtype (Ni/Nj)
  • The Freedom-Fighter: The Extroverted iNtuitive/iNtuitive Perceiving Subtype (Ne/Np)
  • The Pioneer: The Extroverted iNtuitive/iNtuitive Judging Subtype (Ne/Nj)
The Sensing Subtype

The Sensing variation is hungry for experiences and proof. They love to know and reach certainty and want to see if information is consistent and can be repeated. They want to see and experience things first hand with their own five senses.

  • The Maker: The Introverted Sensing/Sensing Perceiving Subtype (Si/Sp)
  • The Neighbour: The Introverted Sensing/Sensing Judging Subtype (Si/Sj)
  • The Dancer: The Extroverted Sensing/Sensing Perceiving Subtype (Se/Sp)
  • The Trainer: The Extroverted Sensing/Sensing Judging Subtype (Se/Sj)

The Conscience (Reviewer/Decider)

Maintains their beliefs and values. The conscience subtype primarily trusts their judgement and their sense of right and wrong. With a strong compass, this type tries to make the right decision based on the right information.

Positive qualities: Ethical, Discerning, Motivated
Negative qualities: Stubborn, Narrow-minded

The Feeling Subtype

The Feeling variation is empathetic, understanding, forgiving, hopeful and idealistic. They focus on how a situation is felt or perceived by themselves and the people around them and make a decision based on what feels best, or most aesthetic.

  • The Dreamer: The Introverted Feeling/Feeling Perceiving Subtype (Fi/Fp)
  • The Utopian: The Introverted Feeling/Feeling Judging Subtype (Fi/Fj)
  • The Idealist: The Extroverted Feeling/Feeling Perceiving Subtype (Fe/Fp)
  • The Humanitarian: The Extroverted Feeling/Feeling Judging Subtype (Fe/Fj)
The Thinking Subtype

The Thinking variation is reasonable, logical, pragmatic and solid at decision-making and planning. They think about a situation from a mathematical or rational standpoint, focusing on evidence and data that confirms their decisions are correct.

  • The Fixer: The Introverted Thinking/Thinking Perceiving Subtype (Ti/Tp)
  • The Designer: The Introverted Thinking/Thinking Judging Subtype (Ti/Tj)
  • The Entrepreneur: The Extroverted Thinking/Thinking Perceiving Subtype (Te/Tp)
  • The Innovator: The Extroverted Thinking/Thinking Judging Subtype (Te/Tj)

The Professional (Navigator/Decider)

Known for their gifts and abilities. This type is decisive and sometimes pushy – they know what they want and what to do next. They will not easily lose confidence and will keep pushing or trying for as long as necessary to solve the problem.

Positive qualities: Professional, Capable, Talented
Negative qualities: Unbalanced,

The Judging Subtype

The Judging variation is consistent, decisive, goal-oriented, and focused on meeting tribe expectations and duties. They hold their principles and rules above what is best in the moment and tend to stick to a course or decision once set.

  • The Activist: The iNtuitive/Feeling Judging Subtype (Nj/Fj)
  • The Architect: The iNtuitive/Thinking Judging Subtype (Nj/Tj)
  • The Helper: The Sensing/Feeling Judging Subtype (Sj/Fj)
  • The Builder: The Sensing/Thinking Judging Subtype (Sj/Tj)
The Perceiving Subtype

The Perceiving variation is open-minded, adaptable, and good at adjusting to change. They like to gather new information and consider different angles to see that they’re coming at things from the right perspective.

  • The one that goes their own way: The iNtuitive/Feeling Perceiving Subtype (Np/Fp)
  • The Inventor: The iNtuitive/Thinking Perceiving Subtype (Np/Tp)
  • The Natural: The Sensing/Feeling Perceiving Subtype (Sp/Fp)
  • The Doer: The Sensing/Thinking Perceiving Subtype (Sp/Tp)

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