Erik Thor’s MBTI Subtypes

The 16 personalities subtypes give unique insight into who you are as an individual. I have developed my subtype approach to help people understand the many and varied differences that exist within all of the sixteen personality types.

No two people of the same personality type will be exactly alike and you have a lot more to learn about yourself and other people besides just where they fall on four scales. Everyone has a special preference for one of the eight personality traits. For example, an INFJ can either have an Introverted, an iNtuitive, a Feeling or Judging subtype. Let’s start learning about the subtypes!

The MBTI Subtypes In Depth

Learn more about the subtypes by studying the DiSC personality inventory. You can also read more here.

Steady Subtypes (Green)

The Self-preservation Instinct The Introverted Subtype (The Hermit)

You have a strong sense of self and you love your home most of all. Your focus is on your health and your happiness and maintaining a good healthy lifestyle. You can be seen as narrow minded or closed off as you prefer to keep to yourself or to a small group of people who. you trust. Hermits are unlikely to change their opinions or routine and can appear too set in their ways.

Enneagram Seven The Extroverted Subtype (The Explorer)

You are a person who longs for action. Explorers enjoy change and novelty. You take initiative and you are not afraid of being challenged by different perspectives or viewpoints. Explorers are diverse and often far spread out. They are highly open to change and will take every day as it comes. You dislike routine as it makes you feel stuck.

Influential Subtypes (Yellow)

Enneagram Five The Intuitive Subtype (The Investigator)

You see the world differently than most. Your strong sense of vision and your ideas often borrow from the unrealistic or bizarre and you tend to leave no stone unturned in your quest for knowledge. Your goal is to understand and figure out the world and you will entertain any perspective or viewpoint that leads you closer to figuring out the truth about life.

The Social Instinct The Sensory Subtype (The Everyperson)

Community is the most important thing to an Everyperson. You want to fit in and have a clear role in your society. Everypersons are always thinking about how to better connect with and become more popular in the group. Sensory subtypes seek to be popular and do your best to entertain the people around you, and to be cool, and trendy. Fitting in to you is all about feeling listened to and seen and respected by other people.

Conscientious subtypes (Blue)

Enneagram Two The Feeling Subtype (The Helper)

You are a person who tends to put your beliefs above your needs. Helpers have strong values about how they should be and how they should act. You are often generous and spend all or most of your resources on the people that you care about. You feel connected to everyone around you and so you can take on their emotions and needs as if they were your own.

Enneagram One The Thinking Subtype (The Reformer)

You are highly focused on yourself and your own will and your own needs. As a Reformer, you have strong opinions about what success is and what it means to be successful. You work hard to meet your own standards and to be the person you idealise. You are always developing your skills and abilities, and improving yourself to be the best version of yourself possible. Be careful not to be too hard on yourself or other people and recognise that your standards can be hard to live up to.

Dominant subtypes (Red)

Enneagram Eight The Judging Subtype (The Ruler)

Rulers tend to have a strong goal or vision that they want to advance in the world. They live by strong rules and believe other people should, too. You are comfortable disciplining yourself and will hold yourself to a higher standard of excellence. You see yourself as responsible for the world and will take charge and do your best to take charge and to guide the world in a positive direction.

Enneagram Four The Perceiving Subtype (The Individualist)

You are a person who cannot be told what to do. As an Individualist, you dislike rules and authority and so you focus on maintaining your own freedom. You need change and to feel that you are in full control of yourself. Perceiving subtypes prefer not to make up their minds because they want to remain open to new possibilities.

Which one of the 16 personalities subtypes are you?