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Instrument to measure unobserved constructs (latent variables). Typically it is a series of tasks or problems that the respondent has to solve.

Spiral Dynamics Test

SPIRAL DYNAMICS TEST. How far along are you on the scale of human evolution? This personality test works with nine distinct levels, defined by colours from beige to coral. Each stage is associated with a different set of challenges and benefits. The first stage, Beige, is associated with learning to overcome hardship and struggle. The …

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Spiral Dynamics Test, Maturity Test, Growth Test, Human Stages Test, Evolution Test

INFJ vs INTP Personality Test

INFJ VS INTP. Are you more of an INFJ or more of an INTP? Take this personality test and find out! This personality test focuses on some of the key characteristics of these two types to help you tell the difference between the two. There are significant differences in the cognitive functions and values of …

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INFJ vs INTP Personality Test, INTP or INFJ MBTI

Karen Personality Test – Which Level Karen Are You?

Are you the greatest fear of every cashier or customer service agent? Or do you treat retail workers with respect and politeness? Which level of Karen are you? I developed this test with inspiration from Dante’s Inferno. That means that there are nine levels of Karen. Which level are you?  

Karen Personality Test

DiSC Personality Test

What is your DiSC Personality Type?  DiSCover (ha!) how dominant or conscientious you are and in what situations in life you are the most confident and in which situations you are more prone to second-guessing yourself. The DiSC test can help you maximise flow and increase your confidence, becoming a better leader and more driven. …

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DiSC personality test, DiSC colour test, red test, yellow test, blue test, green test

Ideal Partner Personality Test

What personality type is your ideal match?  My ideal partner test can help you reflect on and put into paper what you want or like about your partner or what you would like in a future relationship. It can also help awaken you to things you might struggle with in a relationship or what you …

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The Flow Challenge: The Introvert Test

I made this test to help people understand their personal relationship to introversion and to help people understand what introversion and extroversion is. The question in today’s quiz will help you show in what ways you are introverted, and in what ways you are more extroverted.

Introvert Test, How Introverted Are You?

What Personality Type is X?

I developed this test to help people learn how to type and profile friend’s and family members. Use this test to figure out the type of your friends or family members, or test your friends and family members and see how they would describe you! I developed this test to help you get on paper …

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Who Code What Type is X Test

Erik Thor’s Enneagram Test

What is my Enneagram and How do I find out my Enneagram Type? Find out your strongest Enneagram types and learn about how your mindset and behaviour is connected. Challenge limiting beliefs about yourself to make healthier decisions.   Why should you take an Enneagram personality test? Firstly, it helps you understand your own mindset. …

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Take the Enneagram Test, What is your Enneagram Type? How do you know your Enneagram Type?

Big 5/OCEAN Test

This is a personality test inspired by the Big 5/OCEAN/Five Factor model of personality psychology. The Big 5 can tell you many things about your behaviour and lifestyle and can be used to predict a lot about your behaviour and personality. Are you more creative and curious or are you more laid back and traditional? …

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Big 5, OCEAN, Five Factor Test, Big 5 Test, OCEAN Test