Discover which of the 16 Personalities that you are.

The Cognitive Functions describe how your mind works and how you think.

The Enneagram is a system that describes your mindsets and beliefs.

Discover which of the 9 Enneagram Types that you are.

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Take The Political Compass Test

I’ve found that politics is something more personal than objective. Ultimately, our political values depend more on our core values and beliefs than what is objectively best for our society. My political compass test scores you on five dimensions: Sustainability vs Materialism Liberalism vs Conservatism Democracy vs Meritocracy Socialism vs Capitalism Finally, Left vs Right

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INFP vs INFJ Test, INFJ vs INFP MBTI, INFP vs INFJ explained

INFJ vs INFP Test – The Magician Vs The Individualist

INFJ vs INFP. This INFP vs INFJ MBTI Test will help you better understand these two types. I know a lot of people are wondering about the difference between the INFJ and INFP. But don’t stare yourself blindly at one letter. There are many subtle differences between these two types. For example, while both are

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Spiral Dynamics Test, Maturity Test, Growth Test, Human Stages Test, Evolution Test

Spiral Dynamics Test

SPIRAL DYNAMICS TEST. How far along are you on the scale of human evolution? This personality test works with nine distinct levels, defined by colours from beige to coral. Each stage is associated with a different set of challenges and benefits. The first stage, Beige, is associated with learning to overcome hardship and struggle. The

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INFJ vs INTP Personality Test, INTP or INFJ MBTI

INFJ vs INTP Personality Test

INFJ VS INTP. Are you more of an INFJ or more of an INTP? Take this personality test and find out! This personality test focuses on some of the key characteristics of these two types to help you tell the difference between the two. There are significant differences in the cognitive functions and values of

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Karen Personality Test

Karen Personality Test – Which Level Karen Are You?

Are you the greatest fear of every cashier or customer service agent? Or do you treat retail workers with respect and politeness? Which level of Karen are you? I developed this test with inspiration from Dante’s Inferno. That means that there are nine levels of Karen. Which level are you?  

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introvert or extrovert personality test, are you an introvert or extrovert, introvert vs extrovert, extrovert vs introvert, mbti introvert extrovert

Introvert or Extrovert Personality Test

Introvert or Extrovert Personality Test Are you an introvert or extrovert? I developed this personality type using multiple dimensions to help people understand themselves better. Take this test to find out just how introverted or extroverted you are. In this test, you can also be an ambivert or omnivert. I look at multiple dimensions to

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